About the climate job board

The philosophy behind which companies and jobs are on the board

In working to build a collection of climate jobs on the web, we often faced decisions about which companies and jobs qualified as “climate” enough. Even within our company, we found several differing opinions on this question. While we reached enough consensus to be able to move forward, we recognize that this remains a gray area.

That consensus is a result of using the following principles that may not always align but all work in combination as we make this decision for ourselves.

We know that people can have reasonable yet completely different opinions on this problem—we have several of them in our own company, and we respect these opinions! Every company and every job on our board has a link that allows anyone to drop us feedback if they have doubts about the climate impact of a particular job. We welcome that feedback and take it seriously.

If you have any questions, please email jobs@terra.do.


-The Terra.do team