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Understand the climate landscape through in-depth climate change training courses on several disciplines or with our comprehensive 12-week climate fellowship.

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“ accelerated my climate action journey and helped me find my unique contribution in just a few months. The best part was meeting brilliant people from all over the world who have left incredible companies like Amazon, Twitter, Apple and Slack to fight climate change.”
John Ellison

Source Steward at ReFi Lisboa

Our climate courses

Browse the full list of our intensive cohort-based climate change and sustainability courses. And do check back in as we add courses often!

Solutions-based courses

Deep dives on high-leverage climate solutions from expert industry practitioners within specific sectors and functions.

Narissa Turner

Trainer and Facilitator, Habitus Inc., former campaign and policy manager

Explore the role that effective negotiation plays in driving climate advocacy and action.

Skills: Recognize and utilize negotiation styles, strategic communication

Chad Spitler

Founder and CEO of Third Economy

Align your finances with your personal passion for climate and social impact

Skills: Capital markets, sustainable finance and investing, climate-information financial decision-making


François Burra

Co-founder, Climate Product Leaders, 3X product lead

Acquire techniques and tools to measure and reduce digital product emissions

Skills: Digital emissions accounting, designing climate-efficient digital products, minimizing the impact of product delivery

Janice Lao

Co-Founder, Project Eleven 
and 3X Head of Sustainability

Strategies to measure and reduce the carbon emissions of supply chains

Skills: Conducting life cycle analysis, engaging stakeholders, assessing climate impacts

Climate Change Software Developer Course Jason Curtis Jamie Curtis

Jaime Curtis and Jason Curtis

Co-Founders, Option Zero

Explore four major applications of software in climate

Skills: Energy modeling, public data sources, AI for geospatial insights, understanding the software/hardware interface

Silvan Aeschlimann

Former Direct Air Capture and Storage lead at RMI

Examine CDR pathways and their advantages, challenges, and risks

Skills: Understanding the role of CDR, evaluating CDR solutions, using CDR effectively in emission reduction efforts

Dr. Laney Siegner

Founder & Co-Director, Climate Farm School

Learn about the climate impact of food systems and the solutions within them

Skills: Food and agriculture system thinking, building a food system climate action plan, on-farm working experience

Harry Horner

Head of Strategy at cCarbon

Understand the core dynamics of environmental markets.

Skills: Carbon market theory, carbon market regulations and policies, environmental commodity trading, carbon market compliance

Jennifer Turliuk

Angel investor, entrepreneur (acquired), Partner and Director of Climate Angels

Unlock your potential as an angel investor in climate tech

Skills: Crafting a climate thesis, sourcing startups, building syndicates

Zach Birnholz

Energy Expert

Explore the fundamental principles of the clean energy transition

Skills: Understanding the grid, energy scenarios analysis, identifying decarbonization potential

Dr. Laney Siegner

Founder & Co-Director, Climate Farm School

Understand the critical role of regen ag in addressing climate change

Skills: Soil sampling, cultivating soil health, scaling regenerative agriculture

Corporate climate courses

Practical courses on effective actions to achieve Net Zero from veterans in corporate sustainability.

David Jaber

Founder, Climate Positive Consulting

Understand the principles and methods of carbon accounting for businesses

Skills: Carbon accounting, life-cycle analysis, implementing net zero strategies

Dr Karine Serfaty

3X Chief Data Officer New York Times, ITV and The Economist)

Data scaling and the use of AI to accelerate sustainability
Skills: Data applications in sustainability, assessing data maturity, recognizing data opportunities

Daniel Hill

Director of Business and Innovation, Environmental Defense Fund

Explore the role of climate innovation within corporate sustainability

Skills: Design-thinking, understanding innovation levers, building a business case for climate solutions

Dr. Janice Lao

Co-Founder, Project Eleven and 3X Head of Sustainability

Learn the essential skills to excel in a corporate sustainability team.

Skills: Lifecycle analysis, materiality assessment, sustainability reporting, sustainable design

Zikri Jaafar

Course Creator, Head of Enterprise Learning at

Learn core climate principles and map them to your team’s business objectives
Skills: Understanding of climate science, evaluating climate solutions, designing a climate action plan

Deborah McNamara

Executive Director, ClimateVoice

Strategies to advocate for climate policies and drive climate action within companies
Skills: Persuasive communication, understanding of corporate climate policy, workplace advocacy

Katherine Markova

Climate Consultant, former Big 4 Director

Determine climate reporting requirements for your company
Skills: Decipher climate disclosures, materiality assessments, integrated reporting

Claire Veuthey

Principal and Founder, Rizoma Ventures

Build foundational knowledge of ESG for businesses and investors

Skills: Using ESG ratings, identifying greenwashing, systems thinking

Are you a professional with a passion for teaching?

Teach some of the best learners you can find: people committed to taking climate action and eager to learn practical skills to help them accelerate their impact.

Learn from leading climate experts

World-class instructors trained in online teaching and facilitation, and guest lecturers with deep domain expertise.
Janice Lao

Co-Founder, Project Eleven 
and 3X Head of Sustainability

Daniel Hill

Director of Business and Innovation, Environmental Defense Fund

Deborah MacNamara

Executive Director, ClimateVoice

Jaime Curtis and Jason Curtis

Co-Founders, Option Zero

François Burra

Co-founder, Climate Product Leaders, 3X product lead

Dr. Laney Siegner

Climate Farm School Director


Guidance from luminaries working in climate





1-on-1 career mentorship from experienced industry professionals in every major sector including energy, policy, and agriculture. 
Rozita Singh

Head of Solutions Mapping, Accelerator Lab at UNDP | India

Dr. Alicja Dzieciol

Co-founder and Director at SilviBio Limited | Scotland

Richard Hammond

Off-Grid Energy Specialist at Deloitte

Nicolas Chow

Principal at Raise

Barakalla Robyn

Partnerships & Development Lead | Earthworm Foundation| Indonesia

Sara Telahoun

Associate Director, 3ADAPT


A springboard for climate action

Our learning philosophy is custom-built to maximize a single outcome: to get you to work in climate.

Cohort-based learning

A structured syllabus with a group of learners at the same time, highly proven to drive outcomes in online learning.

Practical and hands-on

Working sessions, assignments, and practicums tailored to your local and sectoral context.

Live sessions

Live (online) small group and large format settings to maximize comprehension and networking.

For individuals and teams

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainable change. Enroll your team at reduced rates.

Thorough and concise

Everything you need to know to get productive in climate (and its sub-domains) quickly.

On the bleeding edge

Always-on learning material updates on the science, technology, and market progression.

Spotlight: Guest events

Programming for each cohort includes several events featuring eminent speakers from science, policy, business, and social issues in relevant climate fields.

Fireside chats

Intimate sessions with highly experienced climate leaders, designed to give you actionable insights, motivation and inspiration.

Guest talks

Weekly sessions with climate professionals, designed to help you understand the practical applications of your coursework.

Live workshops

Informal, but highly interactive, sessions with practitioners, designed to help you apply new skills and get actionable feedback from experts.