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Work on
climate change
Learn from world experts.
Solve climate problems that need your skills.
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We're an online climate school.
Why do we need one?
Climate is a gigantic space. How do you know which area could see the most impact from your skills?

Get a crash course in all things climate.
Solving climate change would require a never-before assembled coalition of talent.

Meet your future collaborators here.
Time's running out. How do you make sure your work gets scaled up in real life?

Work on projects from the most effective climate organizations.
Step 1
We select extremely motivated individuals like you who're already skilled in their fields for our 12-week online program.

We bring the world's top experts to teach you all aspects of climate - science, policy, business, social justice.  

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Step 2
During the program, you become part of a global community of hundreds of climate changemakers. You form study groups, hang out in video calls with alumni and have lifetime access to this network.

These are your future co-founders, employers, comrades.

Terra community
Step 3
On graduating, you see dozens of projects from some of the top climate organizations in the world. Choose those that best leverage your skills.

Team up with community and work directly on challenging problems to solve for #climatechange

Pricing and expected commitment
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12 weeks long. About 10 hours of time commitment every week
Each class has just 20-25 Fellows with extensive skills, background & passion
Instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email
100% online, with 7+ expert live talks. All available for later viewing
Climate Change: Learning for Action
Interactive program with an instructor walking you through the paces
12 Weeks
Application Stages
Meet your teachers
Kamal Kapadia
Energy expert, taught climate change@Oxford. Phd from UC Berkeley. Lives in Hawaii
Harish Hande
Solar pioneer@SELCO. Magsaysay awardee ("Asia's Nobel Prize"). Lives in Bangalore
Heike Schroeder
Environmental governance expert, taught climate change@Oxford. Now Professor at the University of East Anglia. Lives in Norwich.
Amol Phadke
Scientist & Group Leader at Berkeley Lab. India, regulation, energy, markets. Lives in Berkeley.
+ other industry experts

Our August  17th cohort is full. Next cohort starts in

November, 2020
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* If you work at a non-profit, let us know when you apply

Upcoming Talk
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Climate finance
Anu Jogesh and Dr. Laura Canevari
Wednesday, October 21st 2020, 8:30 AM PST
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Anu is Policy and Governance Lead for Acclimatise South Asia based in New Delhi. She formerly led a study on State Action Plans on Climate Change in India, and holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management from University of Oxford. Laura is CEO and Founder ITACA Solutions based in Panama City. ITACA is a technical assistance service provider committed to accelerating climate adaptation financing in the Caribbean, helping project developers and financial institutions building bankable adaptation and resilience projects. Laura holds a D.Phil. in Geography from King's College, London.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Who would benefit most from this program?
Anyone who wants a grand overview of the entire climate landscape. Anyone who wants to shift their time & energy into doing climate work. High-school level familiarity with math and science a plus, but not essential.
What if I don't like the program?
If you're less than 3 weeks into the program, we'll refund you 100%. Our only request would be to give us feedback so we can improve the program.
Will the classes fit my schedule?
Yes. Most of the classes are asynchronous so you can decide when to go through them during the week. Our expectation is that everyone will be back in sync when a new week starts. The main live elements are the expert talks which will also be recorded for later viewing.
I can't afford the program cost. Can I get help?
We want all qualified learners to apply, regardless of financial status. Let us know about your financial need when you apply and we'll do our best.
Are you going to be running more cohorts?
We are currently accepting applications for November 2020 and February 2021 cohorts. November cohort launches on 16 November 2020. 

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