Corporate Sustainability Leadership Accelerator

This 8-week course equips you with the essential skills to excel in a corporate sustainability team. Learn from sustainability expert Dr. Janice Lao, drawing on her two decades of experience leading sustainability efforts in multinational corporations. Network with professionals and gain the skills to break into the corporate sustainability sector and drive sustainability initiatives within your organization.

Course starts Oct 14, 2024

Apply by Oct 11, 2024

Live sessions on Wednesdays 6:00am - 7:30am PT

Corporate Sustainability
Add these climate-relevant capabilities to your toolbox:

Course overview

Gain knowledge and build a toolkit pivotal for a career in corporate sustainability.

Key course details:
Sustainability skills:
Understand the corporate sustainability landscape

Gain a comprehensive understanding of key industry trends to break into corporate sustainability

Create your own corporate sustainability skills portfolio

Develop hands-on skills and showcase your readiness to lead sustainability projects

Expert guest speakers

Learn invaluable insights from sustainability professionals actively tackling real-world corporate challenges

Develop your corporate sustainability network

Learn alongside a community of professionals aiming to transition their careers into corporate sustainability

Meet the course creator

Dr. Janice Lao

Co-Founder, Project Eleven and 3X Head of Sustainability

Dr. Janice Lao is an internationally awarded environmental scientist and economist working in the field of corporate sustainability for 20 years. In the past decade, she has led the sustainability agenda for multinational companies worldwide such as Peninsula Hotels, MTR Corporation, Cathay Pacific, Swire Group, and Helen of Troy, in industries spanning conglomerates, real estate, hospitality, transport, and consumer goods. She has extensive knowledge and deep practical experience in global corporate sustainability programs, having worked in China, Australia, UK and US. At the age of 30, she developed the initial mathematical and economic modeling that was the basis for international aviation’s climate change strategy. She also originated and led industry-first sustainable financial deals (green bonds, sustainability-linked loans, M&A). She was named in Forbes Magazine in 2018 as one of the world’s most influential female sustainability leaders and by Greenbiz in 2019 as one of the most influential women working in climate. She graduated from the University of Oxford and completed her Ph.D. in Sustainability Education at Prescott College.

Free event

Launching Your Career in Corporate Sustainability

Explore the essential tools needed to navigate the field of corporate sustainability. Learn strategies to identify your niche, build a strong foundation, and network your way to a fulfilling career that makes a positive impact. Discover the key skills and qualifications required, explore various corporate sustainability career paths, and gain insights into finding companies with a genuine commitment to sustainability.

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Demystifying Sustainability: Who Do We Impact?

Join us for a seminar exploring how we define and implement corporate sustainability that benefits everyone. In this session, we will delve into the concept of materiality and the significance of stakeholder engagement. Learn how to identify the most critical environmental and social issues. Discover how this approach drives impactful sustainability practices, creating shared value for both the company and its stakeholders.

Free event

Open House: Corporate Sustainability Leadership Accelerator

Join us for a live Q&A session to learn more about our course, Corporate Sustainability Leadership Accelerator, from its creator, Dr. Janice Lao. Take a deeper look at the course content to determine if it is the right course for you and your climate journey.

Is this course for me?

Corporate Sustainability Leadership Accelerator is for professionals looking to gain the essential skills required to work in corporate sustainability.

Sustainability professionals seeking greater effectiveness

Expand your sustainability toolkit and amplify your impact with innovative techniques and insights.

Professionals looking to transition to a career in sustainability

Gain a strong foundation in the field and develop practical sustainability skills.

Sustainability champions within existing roles

Equip yourself with the tools to champion and integrate sustainability practices into your role.

Janice is one of those people who really is making a positive impact around how businesses operate. She is passionate about bringing people on the journey of continual improvement where businesses reduce their environmental impact and improve their social connection.

Merrin Pearse

Founder, Coordinate4u

Course schedule

Materiality assessment

Carbon accounting 1

Carbon accounting 2

Sustainable design

Mid-course break

Sustainable marketing

Sustainability strategy

Final presentations

Typical course weekly schedule

Day of weekActivityTime
SundayAsynchronous classes and assignments released12am PT
TuesdayGuest Talks and Career Building Sessions (optional) • Assignment Due 5 pm PT
WednesdayLive lab5 pm PT
ThursdayOffice Hours (optional)5 pm PT

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Live classes

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Personalized attention


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Frequently asked questions

The course is eight weeks long and will be offered from Oct 14 to Dec 13 with a break the week of Nov 24-30. Live sessions will run on Wednesdays from 6:00m – 7:30am PT. Attendance is strongly encouraged, but recordings will also be made available.

This program is for a diverse range of individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in corporate sustainability. Sustainability professionals will acquire innovative techniques and insights to amplify impact. Career transitioners will gain the critical knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to transition into a career in corporate sustainability. Early career professionals will build a solid foundation in corporate sustainability, develop highly sought-after sustainability skills, and establish a strong, impactful professional network.

Several organizations have learning or professional development budgets for their employees. We encourage you to enquire about and utilize this budget to attend the course. will help you get reimbursed for the course by providing an invoice, a certificate, and any other documentation you need. If you have your company’s approval, we can arrange for your company to pay directly.

We expect to run more cohorts given ongoing demand for this course.

We want this program to work for learners of all stripes, regardless of individual or organizational ability to pay. Please apply—we will make every effort to accommodate the circumstances of qualified students. If it helps, we can offer you an installment-based payment schedule where you pay the course fee in 3 parts.

If you have a question about this course that isn’t covered in the FAQ, please email us at

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