Terra.do course reimbursement

Many companies are investing in ongoing climate education to engage and enhance the skills of their employees. Here are some resources to help you get reimbursed for Terra.do course expenses from your employer.

Have questions? Email us at applications@terra.do.

Resources after course enrollment

Course reimbursement email template

Need to ask your manager for approval? Here’s an email template to get you started. Customize the placeholder fields in […] with your details and course information.


Highlight how the course will address pressing challenges or capitalize on opportunities in your workplace and for your current role.  Demonstrate that your team stands to fall behind without this knowledge or can gain a competitive edge with it. All this will make it a compelling proposition and create a sense of urgency.

Course reimbursement tips

Communicate value

Clearly articulate the benefits of the course. Highlight how it aligns with your job responsibilities, career goals, and the company's objectives.

Create a plan

Develop a plan for how you will apply the knowledge and skills gained from the course in your current role or future projects.

Provide information

Gather all relevant information, including receipts, invoices, and course details. Ensure that the information is accurate and complete.

Sharing knowledge

Develop training materials or documentation based on the course content that can be shared with your team.

Interested in team pricing?

Contact us to explore climate learning for small to large groups on our climate education platform for organizations, designed to help upskill and mobilize the entire workforce.

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