Angel Investing in Climate Tech

Unlock your potential as an angel investor in climate tech. This six-week program conducted by Climate Angels in partnership with Climate Capital delivers actionable insights backed by real-world case studies, guest sessions with prolific investors, and hands-on exercises to rapidly get you making angel investments in impactful, high-potential climate tech startups.

About this course

The Climate Angels program, in collaboration with Climate Capital, a leading early-stage climate investor with 350+ portfolio companies, is designed for angel investors, founders, executives, and others beginning their journey in climate tech angel investing. This comprehensive 6-week course covers the entire angel investing toolkit, including crafting financially robust and climate-effective investment theses, sourcing high-potential startups across diverse climate sectors and geographies, executing successful angel investment deals and syndicates, and adding value to your investments as an angel. Each session is led by an experienced angel investor from Climate Capital and features a veteran climate investor guest speaker.


You’ll learn from their extensive track record as successful angel investors and exited founders and build a network among investors with decades of collective experience.

Who is this program for?

Angel investors (including investors in firms, family offices, etc.), founders, executives, and other aspiring investors, both inside and outside of climate, who want to:

What climate skills you'll learn

Crafting a climate thesis

Build a strong financial thesis within the rapidly growing climate tech market map

Sourcing promising startups

Use your existing network as well as under-the-radar climate ecosystem hubs to build proprietary dealflow

Selecting startups for investment

Develop the rubric with the right financial, people, and climate vectors to arrive at deal candidates right for you

Building syndicates

Build relationships with a climate co-investor network to magnify your dealflow and investment size

Executing successful deals

Get familiar with deal terms and founder preferences unique to the climate sector

Providing portfolio support

Give value to climate founders in areas ranging from talent to network access and more

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Breaking Down the Climate Tech Investing Market Map

Join Jennifer Turliuk and Nishant Mani from Climate Angels and Climate Capital syndicate, as they delve into the climate tech investment landscape with real-world examples. Discover what drives investment decisions and learn about the latest trends in this rapidly evolving sector.

Jennifer Turliuk

Angel investor, entrepreneur (acquired), Partner and Director of Climate Angels, Partner of Climate Capital syndicate, board member, mentor/advisor, author, keynote speaker

Nishant Mani

CBO at, Partner at Climate Capital, serial CMO/operator

What you'll get


Access Climate Angels’ strategies and learnings. We share the approaches we've learned and resources we've developed from investing in hundreds of climate tech startups and experiencing exits.


Engage for a year with Climate Angel’s vibrant Slack community and the exclusive Climate Capital email network, which is received by 100+ climate investors.


Get unique access to opportunities that the Climate Capital team, our network, and your fellow cohort members are seeing.


Dive into real-world case studies and hear from expert guest speakers who will share their expertise and unique experiences in the realm of climate investing.

Meet the course creators

Sundeep Ahuja

Founder and GP at Climate Capital, angel investor since 2010

Michael Luciani

Leads Climate Capital's Bio fund (CCB), former founder (acquired) and Obama White House Alumni

Nishant Mani

CBO at, Partner at Climate Capital, serial CMO/operator

Vijay Rajendran

Angel investor, limited partner in emerging fund managers, and has led portfolio support at 500 Global

Jennifer Turliuk

Angel investor, entrepreneur (acquired), Partner and Director of Climate Angels, Partner of Climate Capital syndicate, board member, mentor/advisor, author, keynote speaker

Course schedule

Week One: Thesis: Crafting your investment strategy for a sustainable future

Understand the climate tech landscape, identify emerging trends, and define investment focus

  • Assignment: Develop a personalized investment thesis that outlines your investment goals, risks tolerance, and sector focus
Week Two: Sourcing: Identifying the most promising climate tech startups

Market research, networking and partnership techniques

  • Assignment: Identify a list of climate tech startups you are interested in and conduct due diligence by researching their team, product, market, financials, and climate impact

Assessing key metrics, team dynamics, market potential, and sustainability impact

  • Assignment: Conduct a financial analysis of one of the startups you identified in week two and develop questions you would ask its founders in an investment pitch

Pooling resources, leveraging collective expertise to support portfolio companies

  • Assignment: Consider how you would evaluate a syndicate deal

Effective mentorship and guidance strategies unique to climate tech startups


Cumulative capstone:

identify one investment to source, diligence, and optionally make that investment

Navigate term sheets, negotiate with entrepreneurs, ensure a smooth transaction process

Pricing and expected commitment

Our fellows say it best...

Agneta Rosenberg

"Great class! Would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to invest in climate tech to make a planetary impact for future generations! "

Venture Partner at Climate Insiders
Craig Vigor

“Climate Capital’s Climate Angels program is jam-packed with great insights & materials to learn and get started with angel Investing, as well as sessions with some top 'who's who's' of the climate landscape. All of this accelerated my journey into angel investing for the climate. As a bonus, when I found and made an investment in a deal as part of the program's capstone project, I was able to apply a strategy and principled approach to analyzing the deal and follow that structure through to tracking it in my portfolio.”

Partner at Verdensa

Frequently asked questions

Future program dates will be announced soon.

People who are interested in getting started with or deepening their climate tech angel investing.

Climate Angels is crafted for founders, executives, and individuals early in their angel investing career who have unique insights and proprietary deal flow in the climate tech sphere. We prioritize applicants who can contribute and collaborate within the Climate Angels community, bringing a “positive sum” attitude to the program.


International applicants are welcome! However, sessions are scheduled at 9 AM PT, so please ensure you can attend or watch the recorded sessions.

While there are no strict prerequisites, we are seeking participants with some degree of familiarity with investing and a robust interest in climate tech. The application will help us assess your fit for the program.

Interested individuals can apply via our application form. Spots are limited and we meticulously review each application to select participants who will most benefit from and contribute to the program.

During the program, participants will be grouped with 3-4 other members, including someone from the Climate Capital team, to build a deal-share relationship. We’ll collaborate on due diligence and share opportunities for more deal flow.

Climate Capital is one of the most active funders of climate tech globally. The partnership provides participants with insights from a pioneering climate-focused fund and enables access to a compelling global climate-tech deal flow, among other benefits.

Climate Angels
Climate Angels is a pioneering platform crafted to empower and guide individuals on the transformative journey of climate tech investing. With a focus on actionable learning, exceptional deal flow, and building a robust community, Climate Angels, in collaboration with Climate Capital, presents a structured 6-week program, imparting strategies, insights, and experiential knowledge to aspiring angel investors. Participants are armed with the critical skills and strategies essential for thriving in the dynamic landscape of climate tech investment, enabling them to drive impactful, positive change in combating climate change while fostering financially rewarding investments. With a foundation built on the synergy of experience, successful climate tech investments, and a passion for addressing the climate crisis, Climate Angels aims to empower the climate tech investing leaders of tomorrow.


Climate Capital
Climate Capital has been a global leader in climate tech investing since 2015. It is known for backing intrepid founders who are ardently addressing the vital issues of emissions reduction and climate adaptation through innovative technological solutions. With a track record of investing in startups like Mosaic, Remora, and Span, and exits including Amply & Blueprint Power, Climate Capital is not only one of the most active funders in the climate tech world but also a robust community where founders, investors, and climate tech enthusiasts converge to create an unparalleled ecosystem, enabling, enhancing, and accelerating the global climate tech revolution.

Graduates of the program will be part of our alumni community and will continue to have access to our Slack community. We also encourage you to stay connected through our social media and newsletter.

If after 1 week, the program doesn’t feel like a fit, we’re happy to refund your program fee and allow you to exit the program.

We expect to run more cohorts given ongoing demand for this course.

Financial aid is not available for this course.

If you have a question about this course that isn’t covered in the FAQ, please email us at

Under no circumstances should any information or content on this page be considered an offer to sell or solicitation of interest to purchase any securities, including any securities advised by Climate Capital or any of its affiliates or representatives. Further, no content or information herein is or is intended, nor should it be construed as, an offer to provide any investment advisory service, financial advice, legal, tax, accounting, investment, or other advice from Climate Capital or any of its affiliates (collectively “Climate Capital”). Under no circumstances should anything herein be construed as fund marketing materials by prospective investors considering investing in any Climate Capital investment fund. Content contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell — or a solicitation of an offer to buy — any securities and may not be used or relied upon in evaluating the merits of any investment. Information regarding companies highlighted herein has been provided by third parties, and Climate Capital makes no representations or warranties as to its accuracy, as to the viability of any company listed herein, or the results of any investment in a listed company.

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