Connect with professionals who will help shape your climate journey

What is #OpenDoorClimate?

Daniel Hill created the #OpenDoorClimate movement in 2022. Inspired by this, we sought to amplify its impact within our ecosystem by creating a new way to easily connect with climate professionals and individuals looking to move into the climate space.

Find a Climate “Host” today

Through the #OpenDoorClimate movement, you can easily connect with professionals dedicated to working on climate. These individuals are eager to offer support and advice as you enter the climate space.

Accelerate your climate journey

Gain deep knowledge and insights from climate professionals to help propel your trajectory.

Receive actionable advice

Acquire practical tips from people with similar professional backgrounds making the career switch to climate.

Find peer support

Exchange ideas with someone at the same stage of their journey as you.

Join a community of motivated professionals

We are keen to help you move into climate. Signing up for #OpenDoorClimate means you benefit and learn from everyone already in the climate space.

Petia Koutev

"Thank you for this connection! It seemed like a perfect fit for me. We connected on an "emotional" level sharing similar interests and, on my side, I also learned lots of practical recommendations on how to progress with my climate journey."

Yeevon Ooi

"I thought this was a great idea to just meet someone new and share our climate journeys respectively. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Anna and I are not too far away from each other geographically (Italy & UK) because it makes discussing events more relevant."

Ireth Garcia

"It was a very supportive conversation, especially since we both currently want to enter the climate work space through the data science door. I got a lot of tips from her wider experience already."

Cecy Ayumi

"Thank you for making this connection, it helped me rethink many things, gave me perspective and support and also many ideas. We ended up talking for almost two hours!"

How this works

Navigate your path into climate with three quick steps.


Sign up to Terra.do and start browsing through a listing of Hosts with “open doors”.


Read member profiles and use the “Meet” button to access calendars and block time for 15 minute conversations.


Meet members 1:1, learn about their climate journeys and experience how the Terra.do ecosystem can support you.

Want to host conversations to help others move into climate?

Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you start with at least two a week. You can have as many conversations as you wish.

If you’re unsure where to start, consider what you would like to achieve from the call and frame 5-6 questions based on that goal. Here are some questions to help you frame the conversation:

  • Introduce yourself and your professional climate goals
  • What were their goals and how did they achieve them? Did they experience any setbacks?
  • What skills in their career were most relevant?
  • Where are you struggling in your journey?
  • How would a transition be achieved based on your current skills?

You can select and use any audio or video platform that best suits your needs and preferences. Terra.do will not be involved in the scheduling of any conversations.

Great to hear this! We are keen to have you involved as well. Please head here and sign up.

Please email us at opendoor@terra.do. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

Learn the skills to work on climate