Founder in Residence, Enteric Methane (Microbiome Scientist)

3 Months ago

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Job Description

Founder in Residence - Enteric Methane Microbiome Scientist

**About Marble**

Marble is a climate tech venture studio. Our north star is to erase billions of tons from annual greenhouse gas emissions and create a thriving future. We partner with scientists, engineers, and operators to create new deep tech companies that solve hard climate problems, slash emissions, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and cool the planet while reshaping multi-billion industries. We're proud to be backed by leading climate investors across Europe and the US.

**Slashing Enteric Methane**

Methane is a very special greenhouse gas. Although it remains only 10 years in the atmosphere, its warming impact is 85x as high as CO2 on a 20-year time scale. Overall, it accounts for a third of the global temperature increase since the industrial revolution. Rapid methane abatement is the biggest opportunity to mitigate near-term warming and prevent the triggering of dangerous climate tipping points. Enteric fermentation alone accounts for 30% of anthropogenic methane and 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. This digestive process occurs in the rumen, the stomach of ruminant animals (cattle, sheep, goats). Various mitigation strategies have been proposed. Feed additives like 3NOP, bromoform, and seaweed can partially tackle enteric methane in feedlots, capturing about 10% of the cattle population. Capture systems could be a useful yet marginal solution. Methanogen vaccines would be transformative, but commensal microbes are proving insanely hard to deactivate. Today, no solution combines a very high (80%) abatement rate, cost-effectiveness, scalability across geographies and agricultural systems, and safety, let alone positive increases in animal productivity. We are exploring novel approaches that could tick all these boxes.

**The Opportunity**

We believe that microbiome interventions could stabilize the rumen in a state that does not emit methane in the first place. Hydrogen redistribution could provide the added benefit of increased animal productivity, but other levers could also be explored, such as methanotrophs, anaerobic fungi, antimicrobial peptides, and microbial cocktails. Delivery mechanisms would have to be carefully considered to optimize costs, ease of delivery, regulatory approval, and compatibility with farmer practices. We are looking for a Founder in Residence to join our next cohort, explore these approaches further, and create the most scalable company to slash enteric methane.

_Apply Here or see the Programme Structure_

**Skills Profile**

We are looking for an entrepreneurial scientist with Ph.D. level technical expertise related to the rumen microbiome or microbial ecology more generally. Examples of relevant backgrounds include animal nutrition, behavior, ruminant metabolism, nutrient uptake, nutrient microbiome colonization. Prior experience in manipulating rumen methane production is ideal. Or microbiome engineering, microbial ecology, microbiome analysis (16s rRNA amplicon sequencing, metabolomics, proteomics), ideally in animal or human microbiome. Or biotech startup founder/operator with exposure to any of the above. Nice to have exposure working with cattle farmers, R&D trials with cattle, navigating regulatory processes around animal farming and/or pharma. We encourage you to apply even if you don't feel you meet all requirements. Above all, we value intelligence, creativity, and Founder Potential.

**What We Offer**

As a Founder in Residence, you will join stellar individuals who also believe in the need for deeptech solutions to solve hard climate problems. Together, we would be scoping high potential approaches before converging on the most promising one and finding your future co-founders. We offer, among other things, a $2,500 monthly allowance during your participation in the program, a $250,000 pre-seed investment on startup creation, if you're successful. You and your team will own 80% of the company at pre-seed. Full stack support in our venture creation program, mentorship, and guidance at every step of the way. Hands-on support across technology and market research, landing interviews with experts and customers, techno-economics roadmap, and scale-up strategy. IP strategy, team building, advisor sourcing, and more. Access to an unparalleled network across science, industry, talent, investors, mentors, climate tech founders, curated vendors, and suppliers. Access to our research insights, knowledge base, and resources. Weekly check-ins, work sessions in our Paris HQ or remote, and continuous peer learning with other program participants. Seed fundraising support after the program, introductions to the best seed investors from our network, and help with term sheet negotiation. Founder Visa sponsorship if you wish to relocate to France. Remote participation is possible, preferably from Europe, with regular in-person meetings.

**How to Apply**

We are currently taking applications for the March 2024 cohort, and we are interviewing on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. _Apply Here or see the Programme Structure_. We believe that a diverse group of minds is key to solving the climate crisis. We encourage women and people of color to apply. Studies have shown that underrepresented candidates are less likely to apply unless they feel they meet every single qualification. If you are excited about the opportunity but your experience does not align perfectly, we encourage you to apply anyway. We are committed to a diverse, inclusive, and mission-driven Founder community.


For a full list of FAQs, please visit our website.

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Marble Studio

Marble Studio

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Marble is a climate tech venture studio solving hard climate problems. Our mission: bring us at least one gigaton closer to net zero and create a future that thrives. more

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