Senior Visual Designer

Remote, comfortable working in US timezones’s mission is to get 100 million people working on climate by 2030. We are a climate action platform where you join climate communities to find your people, advance your climate learning, build a climate career, start a climate company, and more. We’re rapidly growing, and have raised a substantial seed round from climate investors worldwide. We're looking to bring on a Senior Visual Designer. Read on! 

As we are an early stage company that is very distributed worldwide, the visual design of our various web and offline properties span several iterations of an evolving visual style guide (TL;DR: it’s pretty inconsistent). We’d like for this role to a) bring consistency and b) substantially raise the design standard of everything we currently have out in the universe and what we expect to build going forward. 

You will be working closely with our UX/product designer, and will be responsible for driving the adoption of a consistent visual design style guide that stretches into our product world (with adaptations that our product designer will make as needed)

About the role

In this role, you will:

  • Develop our visual “north star” with a deep understanding of our company values in close partnership with our product design lead

  • Manage the transition from our current visual state to this north star while balancing our high demand for visual design assets; provide relevant resources to our product team so they can adapt the palette to product as well

  • Be responsible for the production of all our web visual design needs including pre-product UI/UX and graphic/video assets, working closely with front-end engineers and your business clients; including a likely complete overhaul of our front-end collateral to reflect strategy changes

  • Create effective marketing assets – digital/email/print/OOH, photo/illustration/video – that communicates our value prop to our target audience

  • Partner with our content team to build expressive visual assets that augment our education and awareness efforts around climate

  • Evolve our visual design standards and guidelines as the company grows

  • Source, manage & direct freelancers and/or agencies to allow us to scale our creative needs

The role reports to the Head of Growth, a seasoned marketing leader with over a decade of experience running marketing at massive organizations as well as startups. You’ll of course be working closely with everyone from the CEO to product to dev, etc.

What you’d bring

To be successful in this role, you’ll likely bring: 

  • Stellar design aesthetic & attention to detail

  • A razor-sharp focus on the company’s goals and a nuanced understanding of how design will help us achieve them

  • Ability to move fluidly between UI/UX and graphic/visual design, and between photo, video, and illustration

  • Expertise in Figma and other relevant design/prototyping software

  • Experience in consumer and/or community technology a plus

  • Experience managing freelancers a plus

In addition to the above, a few things that will be crucial for you to enjoy working at

  • An overwhelming passion for addressing and solving the various crises brought on by climate change

  • Working in a capital R remote environment: We're Hawaii to Hong Kong. There is no home base. Calling a meeting is highly non-trivial. This usually means fantastic documentation, written communication with your teammates, and follow-through. It also means *some* morning/night meetings... a pure 10am-7pm startup schedule is not going to work unf. That said, we recognize that this is a marathon and we keep odd hours to a core minimum.

  • Be deeply respectful of your co-workers, all of whom come from very different backgrounds, and be highly proactive about resolving issues in an above-board manner. There is no [beer after work/in-person board game night/name your replacement] to smooth things over!

Look forward to hearing from you.