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An awesome way to build a foundation in climate action, through a First Principles approach
Anirudh Gupta
PM @ The Sustaibnability Mafia∙New Delhi
The course contents are amazingly comprehensive and organized, covering an impressive range of issues and solutions within this enormous space of climate work. I also enjoy interacting with classmates from around the world who are passionate in their love for the planet, amazingly well-informed and accomplished, and incredibly supportive towards one another. The instructors and guest lecturers all have done incredible work in the climate space, and they have provided me with a lot of contexts and knowledge that are useful in helping me determining the first steps on my climate journey.
Ha Vu
Software Engineer∙New York
I love many things about the course. Firstly, the narrative. The simplification of complex climate science concepts is a big plus for me. The tone of the written content is so simple and personal that it connects with you. It's like Kamal speaking to us directly even though she isn't physically present in front of us. The mentorship channel is awesome! Climatework outreach and follow up. Both make me feel assured that I am not alone and I have help from terra. That is a pretty significant contribution to make! It's a very novel and an awesome component of the programme. Last but not the least, the guest lectures - such an amazing line up. Laney and Kamal - just the best out there. Full marks and more for everything
Toral Varia
Independent Risk Consultant∙New Delhi
I love the format and contents of the classes * the homeworks so far have been great, especially the intro essay, childrens' education project, and fact checking. they've all felt really creative and fun! * the breadth and depth of other people in the cohort. so cool that so many of the presentations and lectures so far have been from them!
Ryan Barrett
Engineering Leader∙San Francisco
I've been enjoying the content units themselves. It feels like a great survey of the space overall, and I love the combination of instructor notes, videos, and articles. It allows me to go at my own pace and dive deeply into topics that are most interesting to me.
Cody Simms
Partner and Senior VP, Techstars, Los Angeles
I have honestly loved every aspect of the program. From engaging class content featuring the latest climate science, to world-class guest lectures and fascinating discussions with teachers and peers, I'm really enjoying :)
Benjamin Bolton
Classes have been uniformly high-quality. I'm excited about #mentorship. The group meetings and assignments helped me keep on-task and up-to-date..
Shawn Drost
Los Angeles
I've enjoyed the conversations we've had on the politics and philosophy of climate change - I think these are really important to open our minds and get us thinking of the bigger picture stuff. I have also liked (though it doesn't bring a smile!) being reminded of the really harsh realities of the challenge ahead - sometimes it's easier to ignore or push away that reality than deal with it, but it's good to be forced to process it properly sometimes
Liam Hardy
Data Analyst∙Sheffield, UK
I love so many things. I've noticed that I feel very energized on days that I start with classes or office hours. Main highlights -- the wide spectrum of topics the lectures cover, the tone and resources in the lectures, the live expert talks, getting to learn from the cohort and share ideas in office hours, the mentorship opportunities. Some things I particularly loved was the class on models of development and the prompts for free-form discussions that have happened in recent office hours. In general, I feel that the whole course is set up very well, and is giving us a lot of learnings, energy, ideas, and access to people that can help us in our journey (both within the cohort and through the mentors, etc.
Antonis Stampoulis
Software Consultant∙New York
I’m especially grateful for the people at Instructors, the team “behind the scenes”, guest lecturers, mentors, and students — everyone has created an environment that’s inspiring, enlightening, and empowering. I feel a true sense of belonging, alignment, and a common vision within the cohort.
Tim Falls
Entrepreneur∙New Mexico
I absolutely loved the group projects! The assignments really pushed me to study and absorb the material, while collaborating with two other students from around the world.
Dan Battelle
Program Manager∙San Francisco
I love the pedagogy - breaking down complex topics into simpler explanations. Guest lectures, esp the one by Dr. Hande, are very enriching.
Deepankar Panda
Social Worker∙Mumbai
The's flagship program is the best place for one to build a strong foundation on all things climate, learn from a diverse cohort (entrepreneurs, economists, journalists, policy analysts, investors) through different PoVs for each problem, leverage the value of a strong network of instructors, guest lecturers, mentors - each with deep expertise on solving large societal problems combating climate change and making the world a better place with continual support from the team enabling every learner with the right set of tools and frameworks before they set their sight in their individual journeys to combat this global problem.
Sai Araveti
Investment Advisor @ VC∙Bangalore

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