December 14th, 2021

Take control of your career in the Energy Transition

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How it works

Join us at 9 am sharp for a kick off from Amanda Rico, discussing the most important factors you need to know to transition your career effectively. Meet hiring managers from dozens of climate companies actively recruiting in renewable energy. Hear a live presentation from the company about their mission, traction, and the nature of the roles. Chat or video to ask them nuanced questions about the company's culture, stack, complexity of the problem, and more. All in a live, online 2-hour session.

Dozens of top climate organizations

Meet organizations doing incredible work in climate. From climate-tech startups to non-profits to think-tanks. From reforestation to energy efficiency to policy to nuclear fusion. Expand your climate job search universe.

...looking for talent like you.

This job fair focuses solely on renewable energy companies. If you are an experienced professional looking for roles in climate, and are particularly interested in renewable energy solutions, register to meet lots of companies at once.

..ready for live 1:1 interviews

Queue up to meet hiring managers for a quick video chat during the fair. Get a good read of what they're looking for, and gauge quickly if this job is a fit for you.

Meet these organizations and more


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