Part-time Climate Content Writer

Remote, Worldwide

  • 10-15 HOURS / WEEK on average, with some variation from week to week 

  • COMPENSATION: Competitive; dependent on experience

  • APPLICATIONS DUE: Monday, June 21, 2021, 6 PM U.S. Pacific Time

Job Description is a global, online climate change school and community for professionals, seeking to transition 100 million people into climate work over the next 10 years. 

We are looking to hire an experienced climate content writer to update and help revise our core “bootcamp” course, Climate Change: Learning for Action. The audience for this course is adult professionals of all stripes and experiences, largely, but not exclusively, from the private sector, looking to transition into climate work. The course itself uses a “living” (i.e. constantly updated) online textbook comprising 18 chapters we call classes. Every class is a multimedia presentation—you can explore a free class on the course site and also download the detailed syllabus there. 

Our work culture at is 100% remote, highly supportive and friendly. To thrive in this job, you should be a self-directed, self-disciplined person who loves to write, is diligent about deadlines, and is passionate about solving climate change.          

Responsibilities and expectations

  • Continuously update classes with the latest climate science, analysis and relevant news in a timely fashion.

  • Keep up with the latest developments and news on all climate topics of relevance to this course: science, impacts, politics, economics, energy, agriculture, other mitigation opportunities, sequestration, offsets, finance, adaptation, and climate communications.

  • Suggest and implement improvements to the classes; re-write portions of the classes as relevant; occasional larger tasks may include condensing two classes into one and creating new classes. 

  • Write and produce content for a professional, global audience—we are *not* looking for an academic writer though you will need to have experience in finding, reading, summarizing and “translating” academic papers and reports across a range of climate-related topics for a non-academic audience.

  • Be diligent about meeting deadlines and be comfortable working independently and remotely.

  • At this time, we can only issue contracts drawn up in the U.S., U.K. and India—it is your responsibility to ensure you can legally undertake contractual / consulting work in these countries. Beyond this, we don’t mind where you’re based! 

Essential skills

  • Experience writing on climate science and/or technical clean energy issues for a non-academic audience—we will not consider candidates who cannot demonstrate this experience. Script-writing for videos and/or podcasts is also an experience we will consider in lieu of more traditional writing. You will need to submit writing samples already published in some public space (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites outside of your own personal site, etc.) and/or video or podcast samples that you have created and written the script for. 

  • Capacity to make sense of basic quantitative claims and analyses in climate science, policy and clean energy (you do not need to be a climate scientist or clean energy modeller; you just need to know how to tell what‘s rigorous and reliable from what’s fluffy, exaggerated or just plain wrong.)

  • Outstanding writing and editing experience and skills: You need to be familiar with all standard style rules (U.K. and/or U.S.) in the world of online publishing and writing. 

  • An ability to discern what really matters from what is just passing news in the world of climate change and climate action.

  • Demonstrable knowledge of the best sources for climate science, clean energy and other climate-relevant news, research and analysis.

  • Creative thinking and story-telling skills—we believe strongly in the power of good storytelling for effective teaching and learning.  

  • Demonstrable experience meeting deadlines and working independently.

  • A willingness to be flexible (within limits) and work with a 100% remote team spread around the world. 

Desired skills

  • A Master’s or Ph.D. in interdisciplinary environmental subjects, science journalism, science communications, or other relevant fields—this is desired but not essential; we will be primarily looking at your actual experience.  

  • Experience communicating to a global audience is highly desired—our learners come from 25+ countries.

How to submit your application

What to submit

If you are interested in applying, please submit the following through the application form:

  • A CV and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or your personal website

  •  brief letter to make your case for this job (2 pages max.)

  • At least two published writing and/or video samples that you have been the sole author / creator of. Writing samples can include stories for newspapers, magazines, websites (not including your personal website), blogs. Other acceptable samples include podcasts and videos which you have created/written. We’ll also consider anything else you think showcases your ability to successfully communicate complex technical climate change topics to non-expert audiences.  

Please use your application materials to clearly demonstrate how you meet the specific skills requirements for this job. If you are already employed and intend to continue in that job, please make sure your employer allows you to take on external part-time work before you apply.  


Applications must be submitted by Monday, June 21, 2021, 6 PM U.S. Pacific Time.