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Remote, comfortable working in US Pacific timezone is a climate education and career platform that's rapidly growing, and has raised $1.5m seed from climate angels worldwide. We're looking to bring on a Growth Lead - read on!

Growth at is a challenging, exciting beast. Here's why:

We concurrently run several climate fellowships for people from a variety of backgrounds, experience levels, and eventual desires about how they want to contribute their skills to climate action. Example programs include Hydrogen and the Energy Transition (for energy professionals), Climate Change for VCs, and Electric Vehicles and Fleets (for fleet managers). Some of our programs have teams which own the program's business targets (of which growth is one, of course), but some may not.

Our growth challenge is to build an underlying playbook that works exceptionally well for programs without teams running them (including our original flagship fellowship)... but also serves as the jumping off point for programs which do have teams managing them, for them to build on and modify as is relevant for their target customer.


  • Effective tactics for programs where you directly own growth
  • Structurally comprehensive strategy/playbook for use by other programs that have business owners
  • Adaptable and flexible tactics that these program owners can modify for their own needs

About the role

Our growth strategy is likely to have several elements:

  • Strong company SEO + playbook for program level SEO
  • Content creation and distribution via owned and partner social media, newsletters, etc.
  • Broad outreach programs to relevant online communities
  • Word of mouth and referral maximization
  • Partner and affiliate marketing relevant to target personas
  • Strong drip marketing and funnel management on leads and applicants
  • A limited amount of paid advertising in cases where the fit is strong (not a major source)

and more.

The role reports to the Chief Business Officer, a former 4X CMO of startups like Dashlane, Yext, etc. You’ll of course be working closely with everyone from the CEO to product to dev, etc.

What you’d bring

We expect our growth lead to:

  • (the obvious) be a phenomenal self-starter with tons of drive to make things happen in a very early-stage environment
  • have great attention to detail
  • be a strong growth copywriter - you don't need to nail billboard ads or have editorial-level prowess on long form content, but you do need to write what's needed to power the growth machine
  • have strong enough analytics skills to be able to understand why an experiment is working or not working and learn from it
  • have the people drive to be able to enter, connect with, and positively benefit communities relevant to growing
  • have enough deal-making sense to be able to quickly strike mutually beneficial growth deals with relevant partners
  • have the results focus to own a growth target and make it happen, come h or hw

That's a lot! Spiking on some while having working knowledge of others works. In general, having at least a few years running growth functions in early stage companies will be a huge plus.

About working at

In addition to the above, a few things that will be crucial for you to enjoy working at

  • An overwhelming passion for reversing climate change
  • Working in a capital R remote environment: we're Hong Kong to Hawai'i. There is no home base. Calling a meeting is highly non-trivial. Working successfully requires fantastic documentation, written communication with your teammates, and follow-through. It also means *some* morning/night meetings... a pure 10am-7pm startup schedule is not going to work unfortunately. That said, we know this is a marathon and keep odd hours to a core minimum.
  • Be deeply respectful of your co-workers, all of whom come from very different backgrounds, and be highly proactive about resolving issues in an above-board manner. There is no [beer after work/in-person board game night/name your replacement] to smooth things over!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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