Business Development Manager

100% Remote, Worldwide

The vision behind is to help millions of people all over the world transition into climate change. There is an incredible hunger among talented individuals to work on climate but no understanding of where to start. And yet, climate organizations struggle to attract world-class talent that is available to tech companies and other traditional sectors.

Right now, we have created an online platform for anyone who wants to work on solving climate change. We select talented individuals who care about climate, take them through an intensive 12-week online bootcamp taught by top experts and then get them to work on high-impact climate projects.

However, this is just the beginning and there are tons of other interesting and impactful things cooking at Want to be a part of this beautiful journey with us? This is your chance to do it!

Who you are

  • You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • You have a rigorous work ethic
  • You are comfortable with MS Excel and Google Sheets
  • You obsess about the experience of every single customer
  • You have 2+ years of work experience in a similar role
  • You love taking ownership and risk
  • You have interest in technology (we’re ultimately a tech first company, so you would be crossing paths with technology quite often)
  • Preferably you have a degree in commerce/business from a reputed university
  • Most importantly, you are extremely passionate about climate change

Why work with us

  • We’re 100% remote! (and had been 100% remote even in the pre-Covid era)
  • Competitive salary
  • Performance bonuses in the form of stock options
  • Very flexible work culture and leaver policy
  • Chance to work on a cause you really care about with a world class team (that sealed the deal for all of us!)


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