Hydrogen and
The Energy Transition

A four-week course for energy professionals on the technology and economics of hydrogen - a key component of the global clean energy transition.
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May 23, 2021
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100% online
3+ expert guest lectures
Capstone project
4 weeks / 5 hours per week
Cutting-edge case studies
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Get to the bottom of the green hydrogen hype


Hydrogen for all energy professionals

Hydrogen is the latest frontier in energy. This program is for everyone in oil & gas, utilities, renewables, project finance, and any other energy-related sector.


Expand your energy transition network

Build relationships with global peers—top energy analysts, strategic planning wizards, parliamentarians defining energy transition policy, and more. This community is open to you forever and will keep growing with future cohorts.


Uncover real business opportunities

Hydrogen is projected to be a trillion dollar opportunity, and this course can help you answer when and how YOUR organization should get into hydrogen. Create your action plan and leverage our community to start building on it now.

#Energy tweeps, if you’re interested in H₂, do yourself a favour & take this short course. I took it last year, can strongly recommend it. Solid content, great array of global experts, mentors & peers.
Simon Holmes à Court
Senior Advisor at Energy Transition Hub, Melbourne University
World-class instructors and guest lecturers
Shawn Drost
Founder, Diversified Hydrogen
Course Creator
Shawn is the CEO and co-founder of Diversified Hydrogen, California's first sustainability-focused utility-scale green hydrogen vendor and project developer. Previously, Shawn spent seven years as an educator and program designer at Hack Reactor, a coding bootcamp which he co-founded in 2012. He has designed educational programs for a diverse range of audiences including Fortune 500 employees, the general public, and even inmates at San Quentin prison.
Ye (Agnes) Li
Senior Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute
Content Lead
Agnes is a senior associate at Rocky Mountain Institute, China office. She leads the green hydrogen-led work to promote decarbonization in China, especially for steel, chemical, and other heavy industries. She is one of the main authors of 'China 2050: A Fully Developed Rich Zero-Carbon Economy' report. Agnes holds a Masters in Environment Policy and Planning (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) and a Bachelors in Economics (Peking University).
Gniewomir Flis
Senior Advisor Hydrogen, Agora Energiewende
Course Creator
Gniewomir is currently an energy & climate advisor at Agora Energiewende, a think tank supporting Germany’s clean energy transition. Gniewomir has several years of experience analysing low-carbon technologies with a focus on hydrogen markets. He previously worked as a personal analyst to Michael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), and for Aurora Energy Research as the lead analyst on their Hydrogen in Northwest Europe project.
Liz Penny
Expert Educator and Program Manager, ex-Hack Reactor
Course Facilitator
Liz specializes in launching and maturing innovative program concepts in education, engineering, and the environment. She brings twenty years of experience leading local and national non-profits through the Rising Sun Energy Center, the YMCA, and The Last Mile, and pioneered remote-learning and program quality strategies at Hack Reactor Software Engineering Bootcamp. Having served thousands of students, families, and communities, she's delighted to lend her skills to supporting a robust hydrogen economy.
Our cohorts have had guest lecturers such as:
Dr. Joseph Pratt
Founding Partner at H2 Advisors,  CEO & CTO at Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine
Dr. Joseph Pratt has been involved in hydrogen energy since 1996 and is a well-known technical expert and impactful entrepreneur in hydrogen. His unbiased, award-winning technical work has been featured in numerous technical papers, countless talks, and in the popular media. Joe is the CEO and CTO of Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine, a company providing technology innovations for the marine hydrogen market, and a Founding Partner at H2 Advisors, an advisory firm assisting worldwide governments, corporations, and financial institutions incorporate hydrogen energy into their strategic plans and actions.
Eiji Ohira
Director, NEDO Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Group, Japan
Eiji Ohira is the Director of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)’s Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Group within the Advanced Battery and Hydrogen Technology Department. In this capacity, he is responsible the overall strategy, execution, and coordination of NEDO’s research, development, and demonstration project on fuel cell and hydrogen.

He has also coordinated fuel cell and hydrogen activities with international stakeholders, through International Energy Agency’s Technology Collaboration Program (IEA TCP: Advanced Fuel Cell & Hydrogen), and International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE).
Matthew Klippenstein
Consultant, Electron Communications
Matthew Klippenstein is a professional engineer with two decades’ experience in the cleantech sector. His roles at Ballard Power Systems ranged from R&D through to product development. A member of the team which won the 2007 American Electrochemical Society New Technology Award for its early Ene-Farm residential cogeneration product, he pioneered Ballard’s use of multiple new materials and manufacturing processes. At engineering consultancy Wood, he performed wind and solar energy yield analyses to broaden his understanding of the renewables sector. Through the non-profit Plug In BC he helped administer the province of British Columbia’s EV infrastructure incentive program for multi-unit buildings such as apartments, giving about 150 presentations in a year and a half in the course of his outreach. He currently provides engineering documentation services through his consultancy Electron Communications.
One-on-one mentorship

Dedicated one-on-one time to guide you on your career plans and ambition

Mentors from research and industry with expertise in production, storage, transport, green steel etc.

Professional and expert mentors with years of experience in energy

Fellows matched with mentors from 5+ countries based on background and interest

Dr. Narendra Pal
Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Hydrogen LLC
Mechanical Engineer with specialization in Energy and Materials Science & Engineering. Successfully executed hydrogen infrastructure and application projects in Maritime, Automotive & Material Handling markets. He has been associated with the Hydrogen Programs in India since its inception in 2003 and has been a key contributor in formulating roadmap and safety codes & standards, as well as in establishing initial hydrogen fueling infrastructure in India and North America. He currently serves on NFPA-2: Hydrogen Technologies committee as principal member.
Sibylle Weiler
Partner, Head of Green Hydrogen Work Group, Bird & Bird Law Firm
Sibylle supports clients in the successful project financing with a particular focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Sibylle is a partner in Bird & Bird Law Firm's corporate practice with a focus on the Energy & Utilities sector, including Financing.  She mainly works across corporate, financing, project-related and investment matters. This includes advising project developers, utilities or aggregators or industrials on regulatory and contractual (off-take contracts (electricity or hydrogen), construction (FIDIC, EPC), technical and commercial management) aspects. She advises actors in offshore wind projects and assists Corporate Buyers with respect to the conclusion of Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreements. On a regular basis, she works for investors on M&A transactions (mostly wind farms, solar, biogas, biomass) providing for Due Diligence, acquisition contracts (SPA) and Financing. She also advises French and international banks on all aspects of project financing, including both French and German financing documentation. Sibylle is leading Bird & Bird’s international (green) hydrogen group, advising companies from all industries and sectors on hydrogen related matters.
Ulrike Hinz
Policy Advisor Climate & Energy, WWF Germany
Ulrike Hinz is a Policy Advisor for Climate and Energy at WWF Deutschland. Prior to that, she worked at ubitricity (innovative charging infrastructure for electric vehicles) as R&D Projects Coordinator as well as Business Development Manager, in Strategy Development at 50Hertz (consolidation of the business plan and support of the company's strategy) and as Research Assistant at Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS (in the field of eGovernment).
Karthik Ganesan
Research Fellow, Council on Energy, Environment and Water
I am a lifetime student of the challenges and opportunities that India's energy sector presents, be it economics, technology and politics. I am trained in public policy and civil engineer but rely more on my daily experiences to inform my research.
Jonathan Palacios-Avila
CEO , StratosFuel
Over 8 years experience in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Have been awarded over $8 million in hydrogen related grants to build hydrogen stations, production plants, and deploy shared mobility fleets. In addition to this, Jonathan has a degree in Public Administration and Chemistry from California State University Los Angeles. Currently, Jonathan is the co-founder and President of StratosFuel, Inc a company that produces and retails renewable hydrogen for fuel cell applications.
Anna Margret Korneliusdottir
Project Manager, Icelandic New Energy
Anna has a Master's degree in Environment and Natural Resources from the University of Iceland‘s Industrial Engineering department. Having a career in the energy sector for 7 years at Icelandic New Energy, she has extensive experience working on projects related to hydrogen for transport, renewable energy and alternative fuels and green port infrastructure.

Opportunities in hydrogen and its role in the energy transition

On May 4, 2021 5:00 pm US Pacific Daylight Time
Join our FREE webinar where we will talk about the growth and potential size of clean hydrogen in the energy sector. Our course creator, Shawn Drost will share his journey into hydrogen and career prospects in hydrogen for energy professionals. And finally, we will answer your questions on how the course will help people in energy build careers in this emerging technology.
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Exceptional peers & alumni
Join a supportive network of energy professionals in strategic planning and project finance, hydrogen entrepreneurs, policymakers from several nations, analysts, and more - from across the world.
Regina Ranieri
Green H2 Project Manager
Fortescue Metal Group
Simon Holmes à Court
Sr. Advisor
Energy Transition Hub Melbourne University
Darren Hau
Sr. Associate Product Manager
Schmidt Futures
Simona Suardi
Sr. Energy Policy Advisor
Greens/EFA group, European Parliament
Caitlin Swalec
Research Analyst
Global Energy Monitor
Albert Morten
Solimar Power Partners
Sujay Sarkar
Sr. Assistant Director (Gas)
Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry
Chris Trew
Energy Finance Leader
The program breakdown
Week 1: Hydrogen Basics
Physical properties and production pathways
Introduction to instructors and the cohort; hydrogen’s basic physical properties and production pathways; hydrogen’s role in a “Net Zero” 2050 as context for this class.
Storage, transportation, and economics
Logistics governing hydrogen’s transportation and storage: economics, safety issues, and greenhouse gas emissions.
Week 2: Hydrogen Possibilities
Overview of applications
Sector-by-sector summary of applications, scale, GHG emissions, and technology readiness across four sectors: industry, transportation, power, and buildings.
Hype or reality? Weighing economics and alternatives
Deep dive on application-specific costs, key sensitivities (electricity price, carbon tax carbon capture and storage cost), and future cost predictions.
Week 3: Sector Deep-Dives
A deep dive into production methods
Guest talk covering nuances of production methods including thermochemical, electrolytic, direct solar water splitting and biological processes.
Power sector applications and markets
Long-duration power storage, grid balancing, renewable energy import/export, and backup and mobile power applications.
Week 4: Sector and Country Deep-Dives
Transport applications and markets
Current trends, underlying forces, and future predictions for ground transport, shipping, and aviation.
Case studies: Japan and Europe
Japan’s energy background, “Strategic roadmap for HFC”, policy measures, and R&D strategy covered by an expert from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Analysis of Europe’s policy framework and European projects and directions by Gniewomir Flis, hydrogen expert and energy and climate analyst at Agora Energiewende.
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Personalized and expert instruction
Field expertise and experience is core to our world-class instructor team... and they are also trained in online teaching and facilitation. Think of them as your personal coaches as you navigate your journey into green hydrogen.
Discussion Groups
Once a week, you will meet with your instructor in live, small-group sessions for:
  • Energetic discussions on the topics like true GHG impact of green vs blue hydrogen
  • Presentations by you and your fellow learners
  • Debates on open questions like effects of geopolitics on the hydrogen industry
Real-world assignments
You will engage in individual and group projects designed to:
  • Apply learnings to your company’s context and identify next steps for your organization
  • Develop your own thesis on hydrogen and identify future production and application opportunities
  • Build a network to help your company's decarbonization plan
Personal attention
We track every fellow's progress closely and ensure people get the support they need:
  • Optional weekly 1-on-1 sessions with your instructor
  • Individual feedback on all assignments
  • Intensive peer support from your fellow learners
Pricing and expected commitment
Hydrogen and The Energy Transition
$ 795 /  4 Weeks
Merit/need-based financial aid

4 week duration, with 5 hours of time commitment per week

Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion

100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email

3+ expert live talks, also available for later viewing

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A live, vibrant community
Every cohort member also joins Terra.do’s 500+ Slack community of fellows and mentors from all our programs, each with a strong commitment to climate action.

This is your space to learn from and work with climate professionals and experts in energy, finance, policy, technology, justice, and everything else under the sun.
Fellows love Terra.do
New hydrogen economy course @terradotdo was spot on: the right mix of perspectives on H2, great mentors, experts and stimulating peers. It provided me with a sound grasping of the matter, ultimately an extremely useful training for my policy job.
Simona Suardi
Sr. Energy Policy Advisor
Greens/EFA group, European Parliament
A course that can be engaging for those with no existing knowledge and those with years of experience working with hydrogen.

Michael Shand
Software Test Analyst
Various Utilities
This class starts from scratch and is arguably the fastest way to answer the question "is this something I'm interested in?" Even if I don't change my career because of this class, I certainly changed my mind.
Matthew Ferry
Data Product Manager
Red Ventures
Who is this program for?
Energy professionals from midstream and downstream oil & gas, utilities, energy finance, and project development backgrounds. Also entrepreneurs, policymakers, and others that want to use their skills to become a leader in the clean energy transition.

You are looking to upskill and stay current in the rapidly evolving energy transition

You have a background in related verticals—O&G, utilities, renewable energy, steel, ammonia, energy finance, etc.

You’re initiating or taking the lead on figuring out the role of hydrogen in your company

You have sufficient time (5 hours/week) to dedicate to the program

You are already are an expert in green hydrogen

You don’t have the time to commit to a deep dive right now (you can always apply for later cohorts)

Hydrogen and The Energy Transition
$ 795 /  4 Weeks
Merit/need-based financial aid

4 week duration, with 5 hours of time commitment per week

Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion

100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email

3+ expert live talks, also available for later viewing

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