Electric Vehicles & Fleets

A 6-week course on challenges and opportunities from the coming electrification of commercial fleets: operators, partners, entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals dealing with the electric mobility revolution.
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July 12, 2021
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100% Online
3+ guest lecturers
Global perspectives
6 weeks / 5 hours per week
Practical tools & frameworks
Lifelong networks

Charge up on EV fleets


Get smart on the electric mobility revolution

In several markets, EVs are expected to outsell ICEVs as early as 2030 due to both market and regulatory pressures. Learn the fundamentals on technology, policy, markets, business models, etc. for fleet applications in people and goods movement.


Expand your electric network

Build relationships with a global network of fleet managers, EV suppliers and manufacturers, investors, and general EV experts. This community is open to you forever and will keep growing with future cohorts. We host community events even after the program.


Learn skills to prepare you for the EV future

Whether you’re in fleet management, OEMs, or big auto, the EV transition will be complex and filled with trade-offs. Learn how to assess impact of policy & regulations, how to build business models & assess financial viability, how to better manage batteries in EVs, how to plan for fleet electrification, etc.

Highlight of my program have been the guest lectures and the assignments. The guests have been diverse and bought a new perspective on how i think about attacking climate change. Assignments have allowed for collaboration with other fellows and also let me to introspect and put out well researched material.
Jheel Doshi
Senior Analyst
World-class instructors and guest lecturers
Kartik Gopal
Senior Industry Specialist - Electric Vehicles, International Finance Corporation
Course Creator
Kartik has over 25 years of global work experience, of which the last 11 years have been in leading roles in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. He currently serves as the global EV industry specialist at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank Group. He is putting together IFC's strategy for investments in the EV space in global markets, primarily focused on commercial fleet applications including electrification of public transit. He has served as a Chief Operating Officer for the E-Mobility Business at an automotive OEM supplying power trains for fleet vehicles. Prior to that, he served as the Head of Strategy and Business Planning at an EV OEM.

He pioneered the introduction of EVs into three new commercial fleet markets in India for the first time ever - for taxis, last-mile deliveries and corporate employee transport. In the course of these market-making initiatives, he also pioneered the introduction of battery and vehicle leasing business models into these markets. He also has served as an independent consultant to the UN and the Royal Government of Bhutan, helping them introduce EVs into taxi fleets and in developing a charging infrastructure business model for the country. He has a granted US patent on energy estimation methods for EVs. He brings a rich and diverse experience in technology, markets, product development and policy to this course.
Our guest lecturers (more coming soon!)
Paul Augustine
Senior Manager, Sustainability at Lyft
Paul is a senior manager at Lyft where his role is to build and advance Lyft’s sustainability strategy--including 100% EV commitment, environmental reporting, carbon neutrality and renewable energy efforts, regulatory engagement in first-ever GHG regulations for rideshare, and policy advocacy to accelerate EV adoption on Lyft platform. Previously, Paul was a Senior Principal at West Monroe Partners, where he led transformational projects focused on distributed energy resources, community solar, grid modernization, and policy strategy for utilities in nearly every region of the U.S. Prior to this, Paul worked as an Energy and Environmental Commodities trader for 7+ years.
Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra
Founder and CEO, Sparkz (Energy Storage startup) and ex-CEO, Oorja Protonics
Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra is the CEO of Sparkz, a startup seeking to commercialize and manufacture cells for Lithium batteries. The work is based on innovation being jointly developed with Oak Ridge National Labs with funding from US Department of Energy (US DOE). Dr. Malhotra was recruited by the US Department of Energy as the Inaugural director for the Clean Energy Investment Center (CEIC) as part of the Clean Energy Investment Initiative announced by Obama White House where he was instrumental in introducing and institutionalizing multiple programs for establishing Public-Private partnerships and commercializing technologies from DOE labs.

He came to DOE after executing a successful exit at Oorja Protonics, the world leader in Methanol Fuel Cells, where, as Founder and as CEO for 10 years he raised $50 Million in equity financing from leading VCs. He led the revenue and profitability growth with several Fortune 500 customers and partners and led the global expansion of Oorja in Japan, China, South Africa, Mexico and India. Oorja was acquired in 2014 by a Private Equity firm. He has also worked at a leading Venture Capital firm namely Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers as an Energy Advisor.He holds a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and M.B.A. He worked as a Post-doctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs on electrochemical storage systems. Dr. Malhotra has Authored 7 Patents and 40+ Publications in various fields of energy storage technology and materials.
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Exceptional alumni
Our alumni have accomplished careers in industry, policy, and more, and have all made a commitment to focusing their career on sustainability and decarbonization. Expect a similarly accomplished peer set from the world of fleet management, big auto, and the like.
Simona Suardi
Sr. Energy Policy Advisor
Greens/EFA group,
European Parliament
Tanu Bansal
Principal Consultant
Transportation Data Alliance
Sada Wachche
E-mobility researcher
World Resources Institute
Darren Hau
Sr. Associate Product Manager
Schmidt Futures
Manas Trivedi
e-mobility Strategy
Exicomm Tele-systems
Juan Paredes
Sr. Renewable Energy Specialist
Inter-American Development Bank
Theresa Hoesl
Research Associate
Baker Institue for Public Policy
Jheel Doshi
Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst
Vid Micevic
Unreasonable Group
Alex Mitchell
Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator
Lauren Goglick
Michael Luciani
NextGen Venture Partners
Alex Roetter
Moxxie Ventures
Julie H. Park
Teruhide Sato
Mayur Singh
The Green Collective
The program breakdown
Week 1
Context of transport electrification
Overview of technical terms, Environmental context (GHG context, Air quality context, How to calculate the CO2 savings from EVs), Strategic objectives of nations, EV markets, market sizes and future projections
Week 2
EV Technology - Part 1
EV Value Chain, Batteries Overview, Range and charging issues
EV Technology - Part 2
Drivetrain and key considerations for fleets, Battery behaviour and battery life issues. Assessing residual value of EVs, Summary of EV nuances to keep in mind in a fleet application
Week 3
EV Technology Batteries - Guest Lecture by Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra
State of the art, Likely evolution pathways for batteries, Price and performance implications, Implications for EV fleets, Personal entrepreneurial journey
EV fleet applications - business models
General types of e-mobility business models, Challenges of financing EVs, Mobility markets and business models
Week 4
EV fleet applications - unit economics & total cost of ownership
How to assess total cost of ownership (TCO), Sensitivity of different factors to total cost of ownership,Challenges of financing EVs
Guest Lecture (TBD)
Week 5
Charging infra and battery swapping business models
Charging infrastructure, Battery swapping
Overview of EV Policy considerations
Policy drivers, Key areas of EV policy typically seen globally, Policy impact assessment
Week 6
Policy and fleet regulation - Guest Lecture by Paul Augustine
Summing up: methodology outline for transitioning fleets to EVs
10-step methodology to move from no EVs to all EVs
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Personalized and relevant instruction
Our world-class faculty bring not only EV expertise and experience but also trained techniques in online teaching and facilitation. Think of them as your personal coaches as you navigate your EV transition.
Discussion groups
Once a week, you will meet with your instructor in live, small-group sessions for:
  • Project presentations by your fellows learners
  • Discussions on local transportation challenges and opportunities
  • Networking to find your future EV supplier, co-founder, or practitioner-expert peer
Hands-On Projects
Through the group and individual projects in the program you will:
  • Complete several projects to build your expertise
  • Get feedback from peers and experts
  • Create your own EV transition roadmap
Personal attention
We track every fellow's progress closely and ensure people get the support they need:
  • Optional weekly 1-on-1 sessions with your instructor
  • Individual feedback on all assignments
  • Intensive peer support from your fellow learners
Pricing and expected commitment
Electric Vehicles & Fleets
$ 999 /  6 Weeks
Merit/need-based financial aid

6 week duration, with ~5 hours of time commitment per week

Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion

100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email

3+ guest lectures, also available for later viewing

Apply now
A live, vibrant community
Every cohort member also joins Terra.do’s 500+ Slack community of fellows and mentors from all our programs. This is your space to work with climate professionals working across industry, entrepreneurship, research, policy, activism and more.
Fellows love Terra.do
...is the best place for one to build a strong foundation on all things climate, learn from a diverse cohort (entrepreneurs, economists, journalists, policy analysts, investors) through different PoVs for each problem, leverage the value of a strong network of instructors, guest lecturers, mentors.
Sai Araveti
Technology Venture Investor
I've been following climate news, but didn't realize how little I'd taken in. Taking a structured course really helped me understand the ecosystem of climate change in it's entirety and where to look for further information about any topic.
Yohei Nakajima
General Partner
Untapped Capital
I have honestly loved every aspect of the program. From engaging class content featuring the latest climate science, to world-class guest lectures and fascinating discussions with teachers and peers, I'm really enjoying Terra.do :)
Benjamin Bolton
Sustainability Manager
Cotswold Fyre
I'm ecstatic about my [new climate job] opportunity— truly a dream job for me that I could not have gotten without Terra! Terra solidified my interests in tech for the built environment with parallel work in policy advocacy / community organizing, and that's now exactly what I'll get to do.
Alyssa Dizon
Growth Product Manager
Who is this program for?
This deep dive on EV fleet management is perfect for commercial fleet managers and owners. However, the program begins with an exhaustive overview of the technology, infrastructure, policy, and economics of EVs, and as such is designed for anyone dealing with an impending EV transition at scale - from auto industry players to city planners and more.

You’re looking to understand the intricacies of EVs and build an EV transition plan for your organization

You want to network with other auto and transit professionals and EV industry leaders

You have sufficient time (5 hours/week) to dedicate to the program

You’re not professionally interested in transport electrification or electric vehicles

You don’t have the time to commit to a deep dive right now (you can always apply for later cohorts)

Electric Vehicles & Fleets
$ 999 /  6 Weeks
Merit/need-based financial aid

6 week duration, with 5 hours of time commitment per week

Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion

100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email

3+ guest lectures, also available for later viewing

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