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Upskill and mobilize employees. Amplify your sustainability team. Accelerate action and progress toward achieving your climate and Net Zero goals. Stay ahead of the curve - and competition.

Employees from leading organizations learn climate at Terra.do

Terra.do for Enterprise

A climate learning platform that mobilizes employees to accelerate climate action. Our comprehensive and flexible learning platform, built by leading climate experts, helps organizations grow by mainstreaming sustainability awareness, embedding climate knowledge, and building the capacity to drive impact.

Built by Terra.do, the world’s largest platform upskilling talent for the green economy. Used by professionals across the Fortune 500 and beyond. Accelerating our mission to get 100 million people working on climate this decade.

Build a shared understanding of how climate change impacts your organization and the solutions required, empowering employees with the critical context needed to act – and make every job a climate job.

Continuous learning helps your organization stay informed of the latest climate research, policy and solutions, so you can make the right choices and stay ahead of competition as the climate landscape continues to rapidly evolve.

‘Communities of practice’ provide easy access to expert practitioners and best practices, plugging your organization into a vital support network in the critical years and decades ahead.

Harnessing employees’ natural climate energy, and creating alignment between employees and your organization’s climate goals means they are more likely to feel engaged and motivated, in turn improving employee retention.

Our programs for organizations

Are you a professional with a passion for teaching?

Teach some of the best learners you can find: people committed to taking climate action and eager to learn practical skills to help them accelerate their impact.

Why choose Terra.do for Enterprise?

Comprehensive learning

We cover a breadth of climate and sustainability topics -and continually update our content to include the latest developments. From climate science and policy to circularity and cutting-edge innovations, we help employees develop a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities climate change presents.

Experienced instructors

Our instructors are climate experts and practitioners who have worked on climate projects around the world. They bring real-world experience and insights, giving employees a practical and actionable understanding of how to address climate change.

Flexible delivery

We offer a range of learning options to suit your needs, from on-demand courses designed to fit alongside full-time work to live online classes and custom training programs. Whether you need to provide training to your whole organization or upskill a specific team, we partner with you to create a tailored learning solution that meets your needs.

Holistic approach

Our unique approach cultivates community and emotional resilience to support learning and sustain action. 


Employees also gain access to a global community of practitioners that offers ongoing support and practical advice.

Measurable impact

We track and report impact throughout, building on our experience delivering impactful learning experiences.

Global practitioner community

We bring together an accomplished group of passionate
individuals across every climate sector and 25+ countries.

How it works


Short learning sprints and on-demand modules engage employees and enable continuous climate learning.


Connect with peers interested in and/or working on climate, and through tailored events led by climate experts.


Discover and sign up for internal climate work opportunities, from projects and full-time to voluntary.

Looking to empower your team?

Discover Climate Action for Organizations, our foundational program designed to build climate literacy within your team, mobilize them to engage in climate work, and accelerate progress toward Net Zero goals.

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At Terra.do, we believe every employee has a role to play in addressing climate change. By upskilling and mobilizing your workforce, you can accelerate action and drive innovation.

Empower your workforce to take climate action today. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

“Terra.do gave me the education and confidence to pursue climate solutions within my current role. The course material, talks, and workshops are relevant and thoughtfully crafted, and I felt genuinely supported by a network of intelligent people from diverse backgrounds.”

Alexandra Anderson

Group Creative Director at Airbnb

“Terra.do’s course material filled in the gaps in my climate knowledge. On most days, Terra.do was the best part of my day, and has inspired me to take tangible climate action. The community they are building is really something special, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it as it grows and evolves.”

Rafael Lizarralde

Software Engineer X at the moonshot factory & Google

“I have taken climate courses at Harvard and Yale and through ESG Certifications. Out of all those experiences, this course was the best combination of science-back learning, group work, and tools for action. It was a truly amazing experience that spurred me to start my own company and be more vocal about climate action at my full-time corporate job.”

LC Ede

Senior Manager, Sustainable Sourcing at Sysco

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