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Climate Change: Learning for Action

A deep dive into the full climate change landscape. Kickstart your journey with a 12-week climate education and solutions bootcamp, starting on Apr 15, 2024.

Applications close on Apr 5, 2024


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Kamal Kapadia, Ph.D.

Course Creator and Co-Founder

Dr. Kamal Kapadia has 25 years of work, research and teaching experience in the fields of climate change, clean energy and sustainable development. She started her career in the late 1990s working for solar PV startups SELCO in India and Sri Lanka, and Solarcentury (now Statkraft) in the UK. She has consulted on clean energy planning with the World Bank and also managed research and communications for Blue Planet Foundation in Hawaii, the organization that successfully lobbied for the U.S.’s first state-level 100% renewable energy law. Kamal was also a research fellow at the Environmental Change Institute, Univ. of Oxford, where she taught extensively on the Master’s program in Environmental Change and Management.

Kamal holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley. You can follow Kamal on Twitter

I have taken climate courses at Harvard and Yale and through ESG Certifications. Out of all those experiences, this course was the best combination of science-backed learning, group work, and tools for action. It was a truly amazing experience that spurred me to start my own company and be more vocal about climate action at my full-time corporate job.

LC Ede

Senior Manager, Sustainable Sourcing, Sysco (USA)

Hear from climate experts

Lively and engaging sessions that are designed to help you understand the practical applications of what you learn each week.
David Roberts

Climate journalist, previously at Vox and Grist (USA)

Jamie Alexander

Director, Drawdown Labs (USA)

Dr. Tracey Osborne

Director of the California Center for Climate Justice (USA)

Kimiko Hirata

Goldman Environmental Prize Winner (Japan)

Dr. Jeremy Leggett

Founder, Solarcentury and Highlands Rewilding (UK)

Dr. Zeke Hausfather

Climate Research Lead, Stripe and Lead Author, IPCC (USA)

Alison Smart

Executive Director, Probable Futures (USA)

Jumpstart your climate career

Join a life-long community of 1500+ fellows. Learn from accomplished operators and executives. Take the next step of your career with confidence.

Transition to your dream job in climate

Alyssa Dizon (USA)
Founding Product Lead at rePurpose Global, previously at BlocPower.
Chris Trew (Australia)
Finance Manager, Green Energy, previously at Chevron.
Colin Bovet (USA)
Head of Growth at QuitCarbon, previously at Gregarious, Inc.
Isis Dallis (USA)
Executive Director at Climate Nexus, previously at Matter Unlimited.

Build the next great climate company

José Galindo (USA)

Co-founder of Waterplan, previously at Innovid.

Namita Dalmia (India)

Co-founder of Enzia Ventures, previously at Omidyar Network.

Adam Braun (USA)
Co-founder of Clarasight, previously at WeWork.
Anirudh Gupta (india)

Co-founder of, previously at Airbus.

Kickstart your organization's climate journey

Pia F (Philippines)

Director for Social Impact at Thinking Machines, previously managing data insights.

Esther Nai (USA)

Manager of Climate Resilience at Salesforce, previously program manager.

Sundeep Reddy (India)

Head of ESG & Analytics at Gramener, previously leading analytics.

Manav Goel (USA)

Tech Lead for Climate at Meta, previously software engineer at Facebook.

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Fellows can schedule meetings & receive expert guidance from 150+ curated climate experts.

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Every major climate sector: energy, policy, agriculture, sustainability, ESG, climate finance, and more.

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Professional and expert mentors with decades of climate experience on the ground.

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1:1 time to give you personalized guidance on your climate career plans and ambition.

Looking to empower your team?

Discover Climate Action for Organizations, our foundational program designed to build climate literacy within your team, mobilize them to engage in climate work, and accelerate progress toward Net Zero goals.

I am blown away by the impact that a 12-week online course can have.’s Climate Change: Learning for Action fellowship transcends education and builds a lifelong community of diverse, extremely capable professionals, while connecting you to incredible instructors, guest speakers and mentors.

Agiimaa Kruchkin

Manager, ProcurementIQ (USA)

Spotlight: Events

Join a galaxy of leading climate voices in frank conversations about what’s working and what still needs work. 

Community mixers

Join mixers with a diverse group of fellows, from mid- and late-career professionals, to talented newcomers raring to go.

Fireside chats

Dynamic conversations with climate leaders to explore timely climate topics — from demystifying IPCC reports to discussing COP outcomes.

Live workshops

Hands-on & highly interactive sessions for you to practice new skills and and better grasp the complex climate topics introduced in the course.

Career workshops

Design and execute a highly effective job search to land your first role in climate.

Course breakdown

Read the syllabus for more detailed information about the course, or check out a week-by-week course outline below.

Week One

Welcome and Orientation
Introductions, orientation to the course, and the first assignment


Climate Science 1: Earth’s energy balance, greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases, radiative/climate forcing.


Climate Science 2: The work of climate scientists, the role of observations and statistics, introduction to climate models

Climate Science 3: Emissions, Stocks and the Global Carbon Cycle
Global Warming Potentials, the global carbon cycle, emissions, stocks, and concentrations

Understanding Global Impacts
Why 1.5C, global impacts today, tipping points, global carbon budget, shared socio-economic pathways


Local Events and Climate Change
Extreme event attribution and unpacking media narratives; useful tools and visualizations

Climate Change and Development
Exploring creative models that work for humans and the environment

Economics of Climate Change
Market failure model vs. other perspectives, a critical review of the social costing of carbon, carbon markets and pricing


Global Climate Politics and Justice
Global negotiations, global political movements, fairness and justice

Mitigating Climate Change: A Systems Perspective
En-ROADS workshop facilitated by a Climate Interactive Ambassador


Energy and Climate Change 1
Energy and power, global energy challenges and opportunities, renewable energy technologies, quantitative analysis in clean energy.


Energy Deep Dive (Optional)
Energy and power, efficiency and capacity factors, load curves and load duration curves, energy economics, and some energy case studies in Hawaii and India.

Energy and Climate Change
Electrifying everything. Decarbonizing transport, buildings and industry

Food and Farming
Fixing a broken food system through regenerative agriculture and decarbonization of supply chains


Carbon Removal
Natural sequestration (ocean, soil and forest-based) and technological carbon removal

Carbon Offsets
Carbon offsets overview, critiques, challenges and opportunities, case studies

Climate Finance 1
Investing in climate action: Trends, opportunities and challenges


Climate Finance 2
Integrating climate risk into financial models and decision making

Climate Adaptation and Resilience
Concepts and toolkit for practice, real-world examples


Corporate Climate Action
A guide to leading a sustainable business

Communicating Climate Change
Psychology of communicating for advocacy and action

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academic advisory board

Steered by distinguished experts

Meet our academic advisory board comprised of leaders in the fields of climate science, social entrepreneurship, clean energy, climate finance, climate justice, transformative leadership, climate policy, and resilience. They guide and help maintain the high quality of our learning offerings.

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

Executive Director, The All We Can Save Project (USA)

Dr. Wilkinson (she/her) is an author, strategist, teacher, and one of 15 “women who will save the world,” according to Time magazine.
Dr. Charles Fletcher

Interim Dean, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (USA)

Dr. Fletcher is an award-winning educator and researcher. He focuses on natural coastal ecosystems and coastal community resiliency.

Dr. Sarah Burch

Associate Professor, University of Waterloo (Canada)

Dr. Burch is an expert on transformative community responses to climate change, and on sustainability and small businesses.

Dr. Harish Hande

Founder, SELCO (India)

Dr. Hande is the chairman of SELCO India, which provides affordable renewable energy to poor and underserved households in rural India.
Dr. Gordon L. Clark

Senior Consultant and Emeritus Professor, Oxford University (UK)

Dr Clark has held academic appointments at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Law School and Carnegie Mellon.
Dr. Radhika Khosla

Associate Professor, Oxford University (UK)

Dr. Khosla is an associate professor at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment. She studies the growing demand for cooling energy.

Who is this program for?

Experienced professionals who want to use their skill sets to work on climate change solutions NOW.


You’ve already committed to start working on climate solutions.


You have honed professional skills (of any stripe) with multiple years of experience in any industry.

Sufficient time

You have sufficient time to dedicate to a complete overview of the climate change landscape (6-10 hours/week).

Too busy

You don’t have the time to commit to a deep dive right now (you can always apply for later cohorts).

Climate indifference

You’re a climate change skeptic or are indifferent to the climate crisis.

When I started Terra, I was unsure what should be done to solve climate change, hesitant about if I could make an impact, and alone in trying to figure it all out. Now, at the end of my Terra course, I am clear on what we need to do to solve climate change, feel confident that I can and must play my part, and have a strong community of friends and colleagues working to solve climate change. I’m now accepting a full-time offer to join a climate tech company as a product manager.

Eric Li

Product, Afresh

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12 week duration, between 6-10 hours of time commitment per week.

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8+ expert live guest talks, fireside chats and workshops available for later viewing.

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Frequently asked questions

Anyone who wants a grand overview of the entire climate landscape. Anyone who wants to shift their time & energy into doing climate work. High-school level familiarity with math and science is a plus, but not essential.

If you’re less than 3 weeks in, we’ll refund you 100%. Our only request is that you give us feedback so we can make improvements.

The course is 12 weeks long and starts with introductory sessions in Week 1. To accommodate for a diverse global pool of participants, most classes are asynchronous so you can decide when to go through them during the week. Our Slack channel for the cohort also facilitates asynchronous discussions between groups. All live sessions will be recorded for later viewing, though we encourage you to attend live where possible. The main live sessions run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (US time), with other optional sessions throughout the week.

We want this program to work for learners of all stripes, regardless of individual or organizational ability to pay. Please apply—we will make every effort to accommodate the circumstances of qualified students. If it helps, we can offer you an instalment-based payment schedule where you pay the course fee in 3 parts.

Yes. Our plan is to run a new cohort every 6 weeks. If you’re interested in a future cohort, please mention it in your application.

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