Climate Change for VCs

This 6-week course for venture investors presents the latest in climate science and solutions, and explores ways that investors can make a meaningful and profitable difference in the climate crisis.

Next cohort Starts:

September 21, 2021

Closing in: 55 Days

  • 100% online
  • 8+ guest experts
  • Founder workshops
  • 6 weeks / 5 hours per week
  • Practical projects
  • Hands-on Sourcing & Diligence

Prepare for the coming climate disruption

  • 1

    Learn the latest climate science and today's solution landscape

    The world is moving on climate. Whether you are an associate, angel, or GP, this is the place for you to dive into the latest science to understand climate change and its impacts, and to evaluate new opportunities in mitigation, sequestration, adaptation, and resilience.

  • 2

    Expand your climate venture network

    Meet a global community of climate investors, entrepreneurs, and experts. This community is open to you forever and will keep growing with future cohorts. We’ll continue to host community events even after the program.

  • 3

    Build your climate portfolio thesis

    Bring a nuanced climate lens to all your new investments and your existing portfolio. Build your fund’s climate narrative and walk away with your own climate investment thesis.


... was just outstanding in its quality of course program, quality of speakers and the community value among peers! It really helped me to learn and think what I/we can do to tackle the climate crisis through our investment work.

Review user

Teruhide Sato

Founder and CEO BEENEXT Singapore

World-class Instructors and Guest lecturers

Susan Su

Climate Investor and Head of Portfolio and Growth, Sound Ventures

Program Creator

Susan is head of portfolio at Sound Ventures, where she enables investment activity and accelerates portfolio growth. Her responsibilities at Sound include operational and relationship-based portfolio management, strategic growth advising for portfolio companies, sourcing new deals, and identifying follow-on opportunities. Formerly a startup operator in product, growth and marketing, Susan has spent time building and leading teams at Stripe, Reforge, AppSumo and 500 Startups. She is also an angel investor and startup advisor to early stage companies focused on materials innovation, commerce infrastructure, and sustainable fintech. Susan’s climate change journey started with personal interest driven by a love for nature and concern for our environment. She now believes climate change is the biggest opportunity area of our time, and is devoted to surfacing and enabling world-changing climate innovation.

Mehrad Yaghmai

Assistant Instructor

Mehrad comes from a product & operations background working with corporates, family offices and startups in the Middle East, where he spent the last decade. He currently resides in Sacramento, California. ‍ He was the co-host of the UAE startup podcast, Streams of Progress, where he interviewed startup founders, investors and public figures. As a former founder and alumnus of the Dubai Future Accelerator, he has worked with wide ranging technical teams and policy makers to realize innovative projects. ‍ The wildfires that ravaged California last year, prompted him to embark on his climate journey. As he dug deeper into the climate space, he realized the economic and impact potential of the problems that founders were addressing. He currently works with climate entrepreneurs — advising and angel investing in early-stage startups tackling climate across a broad range of industries.

Previous Guest Lecturers

Dr. Charles Fletcher

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Earth Sciences at University of Hawaii at Manoa

Matt Eggers

Investor and Company Builder, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Sarah Kearney

Founder and Executive Director, PRIME Coalition

Dr. Amol Phadke

Deputy of the International Energy Analysis Department at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

Chris Paige

Sustainability Consultant, Climate Interactive

Dr. Harish Hande

Social Entrepreneur; CEO, SELCO Foundation

Andrea Barber

CEO and Co-founder, Ampaire (hybrid electric aviation startup)

Nneka Uzoh

Director of Energy Innovation, Elemental Excelerator

Deepinder Singh

CEO and Co-founder, 75F

Doug Bernauer

CEO, Radiant Nuclear

Meet our alums

Our alums are climate-passionate investors at institutional venture funds, family offices, private equity shops, accelerators, corporate venture capital and more.

The program breakdown

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Personalized and relevant instruction

The program is tailored to venture investors with hands-on learning, bleeding-edge analysis, and network expansion opportunity. We incorporate several live discussions with experts and founders in climate tech.

  • 01

    Expert Seminars

    Twice a week, you will meet experts in interactive small-group sessions for:

    • Presentations involving deep dives on the topic of the week
    • Energetic Q&A with expert speakers
    • Chance to interact with your cohort members
  • 02

    Hands-On Projects

    Through the group and individual projects in the program you will:

    • Build real investment proposals and get feedback
    • Create your fund’s climate narrative and investment thesis
    • Build a network to help you source future deals
  • 03

    Community of Colleagues

    Join a curated community of other investors seeking to build meaningful relationships and fight climate change:

    • Active community of senior professionals with unique experience and expertise to share
    • Group discussions, debates, and deal sharing
    • Facilitated 1:1 matching
  • 04

    Founder Workshops

    You will also meet founders in the climate tech space to:

    • Learn about the latest technology and opportunities in their fields
    • Understand first-hand the challenges and needs of founders in the space

Pricing and expected commitment


Climate Change for VCs and Investors

/ 6 Weeks Need-based financial aid

  • 6 week duration, with ~5 hours of time commitment per week
  • Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion
  • 100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email
  • 8+ live seminars with Guest Lecturers, also available for later viewing

Who is this program for?

The program is for anyone looking to invest funds in early-stage companies building climate solutions in any sector. Analysts, associates, partners, angels, accelerator leads, family funds - all are welcome.

  • You’re looking to understand the space, build your climate thesis, and invest in climate companies
  • You want to understand the climate impact of your current investment portfolio
  • You want to network with other investors and founders in climate
  • You have sufficient time (5 hours/week) to dedicate to the program
  • You’re not an investor or don’t want to invest in climate tech companies
  • You don’t have the time to commit to a deep dive right now (you can always apply for later cohorts)

Climate Change for VCs and Investors

/ 6 Weeks Need-based financial aid

  • 6 week duration, with ~5 hours of time commitment per week
  • Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion
  • 100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email
  • 8+ live seminars with Guest Lecturers, also available for later viewing


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