Circular Economy:
Principles & Applications

Learn to apply the principles of circularity to your current profession
or your next. 6 weeks.
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3+ guest lecturers
Practical learning
6 weeks / 5 hours per week
Latest circularity case studies
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Realize the full impact of circularity


Learn circularity principles

The circular economy requires a transformation of many sectors. Understand what this means for your context and how to approach it through systems thinking, circular design resources, tools for measurement and a multitude of case studies.


Expand your circularity network

Meet a global community of sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs, design experts, policymakers and more. This community is open to you forever and will keep growing with future cohorts. We’ll continue to host community events even after the program.


Create your action plan to sustainability

Start building within the program by developing a circularity action plan for your own business/company. You’ll get insights from expert lectures, real-life case studies from across the world, and carefully constructed and reviewed assignments.

I have honestly loved every aspect of the program. From engaging class content featuring the latest climate science, to world-class guest lectures and fascinating discussions with teachers and peers, I'm really enjoying :)
Benjamin Bolton
Sustainability Manager
Cotswold Fyre
World-class Instructors and Guest Lecturers
Jannis Kempkens
Circular product & sustainable materials lead at Circology & biodegradability expert at Precious Plastic
Program Creator
Jannis is a designer and material researcher working on the intersection of design and science. He is co-founder of Circology, a circular design and material research studio supporting companies in their journey towards circularity. In his role, he is focused on the design and materiality of the products we create as well as the systems that come with them. Additionally he works with the Precious Plastic community on driving bottoms-up development of new techniques and materials for a world with less plastic pollution.
Austin Evarts
Circular Economy startup support at Urban Future Lab & Co-president of New York Techstars Chapter
Program Creator
Austin is a technology entrepreneur and startup community leader based in New York City. He currently manages programming and support for circular economy- and climate tech-focused startups at the Urban Future Lab, New York City’s longest running cleantech startup incubator. Austin is also Co-President at the New York chapter of Techstars where he focuses on community building and engagement for Techstars’ largest city hub. Austin previously co-founded and led a SaaS marketing technology business called GoChime to a successful acquisition. Austin is a longtime student of the circular economy and is excited by the intersection of innovation and positive environmental impact.
Our guest lecturers (coming soon)
Michelle Tulac
Ellen McArthur Foundation
Michelle brings the Foundation's mission to life in North America. She's a systems thinker with a background in anthropology, life sciences, and design. She activates and develops meaningful partnerships, programs, and policies that demonstrate circular solutions. She has a particular focus on mobilizing system actors toward ambitious action at the city-scale and is working closely with the City of New York, a Strategic Partner of the Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Michelle worked at the global design and innovation company IDEO.
Gene Homicki
Co-founder and CEO
Gene, the co-founder and CEO of, pbc, is a serial entrepreneur and technology strategist with a passion for circular and regenerative systems. The myTurn platform is used by startups, cities, and enterprises around the world to radically increase product reuse, while simultaneously reducing consumption and waste of those very same items. Prior to co-founding myTurn, Gene led teams creating cutting-edge technical solutions for SEGA, the National Science Foundation, ABC News, the Economist, and other leading organizations.
Elise Motalli
Service Designer
Elise is a Service Designer who is passionate about using design thinking to solve meaningful problems in order to improve people’s lives and protect the planet. Through gaining extensive experience in the education sector and federal government as a Service Designer, her curiosity for solving problems combined with a passion for creating a sustainable future has led her down a path with the desire to accelerate our transition to a circular economy. She is also the Founder of the Circular Economy Australia Slack channel which seeks to foster networking and collaboration within a community of individuals passionate about creating a sustainable future.
Morgan Williams
Systems thinking and human-centered design at Meld Studios
Morgan is an experienced problem finder, problem solver who brings to bear a background in psychotherapy, systems thinking and change management to his work in Digital Transformation, Service, Business, Strategy and Start Up design. He also has expertise in the development of, and in market testing of concepts and business propositions. He works for Meld Studio's in Melbourne and is passionate about doing whatever is required for things to actually change - good change is the goal.
Elias Stahl
Co-founder and CEO, HILOS
Elias founded HILOS from an ambition to change the way we make, rewiring the footwear industry for zero-waste, on-demand product. Prior to co-founding HILOS, Elias served in the Israeli special forces, worked on urban policy while at the National League of Cities, and was VP of product at Handshake. He holds an MA from John Hopkins University and a BA from the University of Toronto, is an avid history nerd, and recently became a proud father.
#AUA (Ask Us Anything)
June 29th at 4:00 PM US Pacific Daylight Time
Join us for a live intro to the content of this program and a brief panel discussion on the critical need for circular principles in building a sustainable economy. And of course, we’ll answer any questions you might have on the topic, the course or the application process!
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Exceptional peers & alumni
Our alumni have accomplished careers in business, policy, and more. They’re committed to a career in sustainability and decarbonization, and are actively using circular economy principles. Collaborate with them as you build your circular business model.
Lauren Eisenmenger
Sustainable Packaging Leader
Mayur Singh
Green Collective
Guru Vishwas
Sustainability Engineer Smarter Dharma
Marina Haydn
EVP Sustainability
The Economist Group
Katrin Apel
Product Manager
Lydia White
Director of Product
Design, Condé Nast
Jenny Leung
Program Manager
Pranav Khanna
Building Circularity Community
The program breakdown
Week 1
Introduction + Orientation
Get to know your facilitators and fellows and understand the details of the schedule for the next weeks of this program.
What is the Circular Economy?
Get on the same page on what the circular Economy is, where it comes from and why it is so important for the future of the economy.
Week 2
Why Systems Thinking is important
To understand complex systems and find the levers that really solve problems, we will take a look at frameworks and approaches of systems thinking practitioners and how they can help us develop stronger companies within the circular economy.
Week 3
How to create circular products
Materials are producing a lot of the problems within the linear economy, which is why Circular Product Design is an important aspect of the circular economy. This class is going to show you what the different approaches to this, how they work and who's implementing them already.
Week 4
How to develop a circular business model
Let’s dive into some of the principles that drive the linear economy and how to change those in order to do business differently!
How to finance in the circular economy
No business without money. Let's take a look at how circular ventures are funded, who invests in those ventures and what role fiscal incentives can play. And for all the entrepreneurs out there: Let's find out, how we gain access to capital!
Week 5
How Policy and Regulators can enable a circular economy
Some regions, countries and cities are moving much faster towards a circular economy than others. Let's have a look at reasons for that and what regulators and policy makers can do to push circularity in their areas. Or for everyone else: how we can nudge those policy makers towards circularity!
How to measure circularity: understanding tools and certifications
How do we measure circularity? Let's take a look at tools, certification bodies and how employees can take action by getting their companies to become circular certified.
Week 6
How to implement circularity in your work and life
Let's get going and develop a straight forward plan on your actions towards circularity!
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Personalized and relevant instruction
The program is designed to help you find opportunities for circularity within your function or industry. The classes are focused on giving you an insight on how the circular economy works and are paired with case studies and assignments to help implement your learnings.
Expert lectures
Once a week, you will meet experts in an interactive small-group session for:
  • Expert presentations on circular economy applications across industries
  • Energetic Q&A with expert speakers
  • Chance to discuss circularity principles and opportunities with your cohort members
Practical learning
Apply circularity principles in real-life situations through:
  • Cutting-edge global case studies
  • Assignments that help you clarify what is possible through circularity
  • A network to help you find future business partners, fellow activists and circularity experts
Personal attention
We track every fellow's progress closely and ensure people get the support they need:
  • Optional weekly 1-on-1 sessions with your instructors
  • Individual feedback on all assignments
  • Intensive peer support from your fellow learners
Pricing and expected commitment
Circular Economy: Principles & Applications
$ 999  /  6 Weeks
Merit/need-based financial aid

6 week duration, with ~5 hours of time commitment per week

Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion

100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email

3+ guest lectures, also available for later viewing

Apply now
A vibrant, global community
Every cohort member also joins’s 500+ Slack community of fellows and mentors from all our programs. This is your space to network with sustainability-minded professionals and entrepreneurs from all industries and functions.
Fellows love's comprehensive yet digestible courses helped me weave all this knowledge together into a big picture. Now, I have a better understanding of the unique role I can play in the climate movement. I'm also more confident in talking about climate change with other people.
Pia Faustino
Director for Social Impact
Thinking Machines Data Sciences
Everyone that I have spoken to or listened to in the network has been engaged and inspiring! It has been wonderful to have a global cohort and have those roots far and wide.
Jillian Zdepski
Revenue Operations
...I’m so grateful to the content creators, Instructors, guest lecturers and the fellow mates from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world - everyone has created a conducive environment to learn and grow in our respective fields. I highly recommend this course!
Sujay Sarkar
Sr, Assistant Director
Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry
I received more from Terra than expected and isn't that the best outcome of an investment. The course content is excellent and the time commitment is manageable. The access to networking opportunities is worth the price alone.
Mike DiRico
US Residential Manager
Vicwest Building Products
Who is this program for?
Designers, materials researchers, supply chain managers, communications professionals, policymakers and more—transitioning to a circular economy requires everyone to join the sustainability journey. This course is for you if:

You want to help make the company you work for more sustainable while unlocking business opportunities

You want to become an entrepreneur within the space of the circular economy

You’re looking for a community of design, product, and engineering professionals in circular economy

You want to help grow the circular economy in your area through policy, activism or smart choices

You’re already an expert working in a circular economy company.

You don’t have the time to commit to a deep dive right now (you can always apply for later cohorts)

Circular Economy: Principles & Applications
$ 999 /  6 Weeks
Merit/need-based financial aid

6 week duration, with 5 hours of time commitment per week

Each class has fellows split into groups of 20-25 with extensive skills, background, and passion

100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email

3+ guest lectures, also available for later viewing

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