Team size: 11 - 50

Sector: Unclassified

About XDI

Founders: Rohan Hamden

Founded date: 2015

Connect: xdi.systems

Company stage: Other

The XDI Platform brings together asset level data sets with extensive climate models to provide deep analysis of an organisation’s exposure to climate change and extreme weather risk. Four key products provide powerful on-demand quantitative insights for decision makers, financial managers and investors. From high level assessment to granular detail. From probabilities of failure to a business case for adaptation. For every year up until 2120. By area, by asset, by business or by hazard. XDI provides a strategic and logical path forward on the journey from risk to resilience. The XDI Platform is the go to solution for companies and governments to understand the risks of climate change on their business or communities, and quantify implementable strategies to manage those risks. XDI is the only service of its kind to provide forward looking, whole of system, risk assurance based on climate change science, infrastructure engineering and advanced statistical methods. The XDI Platform combines detailed weather and climate data with a deep analysis of asset engineering and financial data. It harnesses an existing tried and tested AdaptInfrastructure software platform developed by Climate Risk. XDI stands for the Cross Dependency Initiative because our clients realise the greatest risks to their business is not in their own infrastructure, but the infrastructure owned by other utilities upon which they depend (e.g. water utilities needing a functioning power network). The XDI Platform quantifies these supply chain risks so that they can act, and reassure their boards and managers.

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