Climate Farmers

Climate Farmers

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Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Team size: 11 - 50

Sector: Food and agriculture

About Climate Farmers

Company stage: Other

The solution for a healthy planet lies beneath our feet. Soil plays a central role in regulating our ecosystems. If we manage to increase the global carbon content of the soil by 2%, we will be able to hold back climate change. The key to this is regenerative agriculture, which works with natural processes and conserves the planet’s resources such as water, soil and air. Regenerative agriculture actively supports our ecosystem, captures carbon from the atmosphere, creates healthier soils, and thereby contributes to a healthier and more resilient planet. Climate farmers is building the infrastructure in support a large-scale transition towards regenerative practices. If we want to change global mindsets, we need to expand our view and understand the way plants grow, break down the disconnection between food production and consumers and develop a new relationship with nature. As Climate Farmers, we implement and support self-regulating systems that protect biodiversity while producing healthy and nutritious food. You can support farmers and their projects for a healthier planet through monthly contributions or invest in larger agricultural project co-investments. With a collective approach to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, we can positively impact agriculture and help farmers and consumers alike in their mission for a healthier future.

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