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Inclusive climate action is critical for achieving green growth
Niall O’Connor is the Asia Director of Stockholm Environment Institute in Bangkok, Thailand. Niall holds a BSc and a MSc in Forestry, both from University College Dublin, and a MSc in Biodiversity Conservation from Imperial College London. Niall comes to SEI from WWF, where he had served in leadership positions since 2008, and as regional director for Eastern and Southern Africa since 2011. Previously, he served as country director in Gambia and Senegal for Concern Universal, a UK-based international NGO. In this podcast, Niall talks about the wonderful work that the SEI Asia centre has been involved in giving particular emphasis to gender equality, social equity and poverty reduction, how business as usual is not going to help the world in a post-pandemic world and why inclusiveness is extremely important as we look towards the future. Notes – 01:02 – Niall’s environmental journey 03:37 – The role of SEI’s Asia Centre 09:45 – Organisational challenges 14:25 – SUMERNET - Sustainable Mekong Regional Network 17:40 – Examples of SEI’s work in connecting gender and climate change 30:59 – Climate refugees 35:17 – Informed climate activism in Thailand 39:01 – Call of action - personal responsibility and inclusiveness

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December 7, 2020
Textile innovations will transform the fashion industry
Jonah Mwangi is the Founder and CEO of Green Nettle Textile. Jonah’s background is in biochemistry and he is a farmer by passion. He is an early stage social entrepreneur in the field of agribusiness helping out small farmers. He is an alumni of YALI Transformative Leaders program as also the ygap social changemakers program. Green Nettle was the first African winner of the prestigious Global Change Award presented by the H&M Foundation in 2019. In this podcast, Jonah talks passionately about the importance of the circular economy and fashion. His company Green Nettle Textile is innovating by converting nettle stalks into a linen-like fabric. Learn more about Jonah’s journey and his learnings with entrepreneurship so far… Notes – 01:01 – Jonah’s entrepreneurial journey 04:45 – The premise behind Green Nettle Textile 08:02 – COVID19 challenges 10:26 – Impact of winning the Global Change Award 12:08 – Climate change in Kenya and impacts on Jonah’s company 14:24 – Circular economy and fashion 18:11 – Politics and policy 22:28 – Social entrepreneurship and media awareness 21:13 – Call of action - always think about the impact of fashion

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November 23, 2020
Changing the EV ecosystem - the Three Wheels United way
Cedrick Tandong is the CEO of Three Wheels United. He has been working in India on the smart use of technology for over 10 years and holds a masters in systems and information management. He began his career as a business analyst at Tata Consultancy Services doing market research on fast moving consumer goods in France. Cedrick also previously founded a company in Cameroon in the e-commerce space. Cedrick is TWU’s mastermind when it comes to operationalizing the impossible as he loves organizing, coordinating and executing under unpredictable circumstances. He also holds a second graduate degree in business management and has lived and worked in four countries across three continents. In this podcast, Cedrick talks about his entrepreneurial journey, the vision and business model of Three Wheels United and its impacts whilst also giving us glimpses into the state of the EV market in India. Notes – 01:15 – Cedrick’s entrepreneurial journey 02:41 – The premise behind Three Wheels United 07:36 – Expansion plans of Three Wheels United 09:41 – Impacts of Three Wheels United 13:03 – Politics and policy 17:21 – Being a 2020 Henry Arnhold Fellow 18:34 – Experiencing India 19:50 – Advice to young entrepreneurs 21:13 – Call of action - support the EV ecosystem

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November 16, 2020
Collective commitment will accelerate climate action
Divya Sharma is the Executive Director at Climate Group’s India office. A thought leader, researcher, academician she comes with experience spanning nearly two-decades operating throughout India and internationally within the sustainable urban development and climate resilience space. Divya has a Doctorate in urban climate resilience and a Master’s in urban development planning. She has extensively worked with national, state, and municipal governments in India and abroad; regional, national, and international development agencies and foundations and international research community and academia. She has been on prestigious advisory positions on international and national networks for sustainable development and climate change internationally and at the national level. In this podcast, Divya talks about her climate journey, her work at The Climate Group, her passion for cities and the need to accelerate climate action. Notes – 01:17 – Divya’s climate journey 03:35 – The Climate Group and Divya’s role at the Climate Group India 08:46 – We Mean Business Coalition - a Climate Group initiative 11:31 – COVID, renewable energy and corporate sourcing of renewable energy in India 15:35 – Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network 20:23 – The Indian government's Smart Cities Initiative 25:12 – C40 Cities Finance Facility 31:03 – Call of action - need to accelerate climate action

Full transcript here
November 9, 2020
India has won the climate change bingo card
Neelima Vallangi is a national award-winning photographer and well published travel writer. For the past one year she has been researching and covering the climate crisis for news media and other forms. She is currently working on a feature length documentary film tentatively titled "The Human Cost of Climate Crisis" set in Nepal, due to be released by December 2020. She was recently featured by India Climate Collaborative as one of the 40 young leaders to raise awareness and strengthen commitments with their solutions on climate and development. She is also working on an independent newsletter titled "Climate Matters". She continues to research and report for mainstream publications on the climate crisis, with a special focus on the Himalayas and South Asia. In this podcast, Neelima talks about her climate journey, filming her documentary “The Human Cost of Climate Crisis”, talking about climate grief on social media, youth activism and what needs to be done to solve the current climate crisis. Notes – 03:28 – Neelima’s climate journey 05:57 – The genesis of Neelima’s newsletter ‘Climate Matters’ 08:47 – More on Neelima’s documentary ‘The Human Cost of Climate Crisis’ 10:54 – India Climate Collaborative 12:21 – India and climate change 14:04 – Women and climate change 15:55 – Social media and climate grief 21:41 – Indian media and climate change 27:55 – Call of action - collective responsibility

Full transcript here
November 2, 2020
Pricing and expected commitment
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing
12 weeks long. About 15 hours of time commitment every week
Each class has just 20-25 Fellows with extensive skills, background & passion
Instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email
100% online, with 7+ expert live talks. All available for later viewing
Climate Change: Learning for Action
Interactive program with an instructor walking you through the paces
12 Weeks
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February 2021
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* If you work at a non-profit, let us know when you apply

Frequently Asked Questions
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing
Who would benefit most from this program?
Anyone who wants a grand overview of the entire climate landscape. Anyone who wants to shift their time & energy into doing climate work. High-school level familiarity with math and science a plus, but not essential.
What if I don't like the program?
If you're less than 3 weeks into the program, we'll refund you 100%. Our only request would be to give us feedback so we can improve the program.
Will the classes fit my schedule?
Yes. Most of the classes are asynchronous so you can decide when to go through them during the week. Our expectation is that everyone will be back in sync when a new week starts. The main live elements are the expert talks which will also be recorded for later viewing.
I can't afford the program cost. Can I get help?
We want all qualified learners to apply, regardless of financial status. Let us know about your financial need when you apply and we'll do our best.
Are you going to be running more cohorts?
Yes. Our plan is to run a new cohort every 3 months. If you're interested in a future cohort, please mention it in your application.
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