Finance & BizOps

Remote, comfortable working in US timezones’s mission is to get 100 million people working on climate by 2030. We are a climate action platform where you join climate communities to find your people, advance your climate learning, build a climate career, start a climate company, and more. We’re rapidly growing, and have raised a substantial seed round from climate investors worldwide. 

We are a global company. Albeit small, we already have employees in several countries worldwide, and our investor base is global. Given this environment, we're looking to bring on someone to own Finance & BizOps. That's not just classic finance functions such accounting, FP&A, audit, and financing/fundraising strategy, but also building and managing our multi-country employee ops, owning strategy-expansion-corp dev projects, designing scalable processes, and more. For the right candidate, this could be a Chief of Staff role.

About the role

In this role, you will:

  • Own financial models (integrated, three statements compliant with US financial reporting standards) and company budget

  • Own financial reports and insight delivery (unit economics, CPA, growth trajectory, etc.)

  • Manage PEOs and other employee ops vendors in several countries

  • Be the CEO's point person on financing and fundraising strategy

  • Manage our outsourced accounting partner for monthly close, audit and tax

  • Respond to investor reporting and diligence requests

  • Own a variety of strategy, expansion, and corp dev projects with the CEO/CBO as customer

The role reports to the Chief Business Officer, a former executive leader at several startups like Dashlane, Yext, etc. You’ll of course be working closely with everyone from the CEO to product to dev, etc.

What you’d bring

With such a wide variety of responsibilities, success in this role requires you to be curious, proactive, well-organized, and deliberate. Ideally, you’ll bring: 

  • A high level of self-starting even in the face of complex problems

  • Excellent ability to stay organized while handling several challenges at once

  • Superior analytical and communication skills with exceptional attention to detail

  • 3-5 years of experience in accounting and finance; experience working at an investment bank, Big 4 public accounting firm (audit or transaction advisory services), PE/VC, or finance at a high-growth startup preferred.

  • Expert Excel skills with a true love of spreadsheets and financial modeling

  • Strong understanding of US GAAP and financial standards and rules

  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, or the like, and a record of exceptional academic achievement

  • Proficiency with SQL is a plus

In addition to the above, a few things that will be crucial for you to enjoy working at

  • An overwhelming passion for addressing and solving the various crises brought on by climate change

  • Working in a capital R remote environment: We're Hawaii to Hong Kong. There is no home base. Calling a meeting is highly non-trivial. This usually means fantastic documentation, written communication with your teammates, and follow-through. It also means *some* morning/night meetings... a pure 10am-7pm startup schedule is not going to work unf. That said, we recognize that this is a marathon and we keep odd hours to a core minimum.

  • Be deeply respectful of your co-workers, all of whom come from very different backgrounds, and be highly proactive about resolving issues in an above-board manner. There is no [beer after work/in-person board game night/name your replacement] to smooth things over!

Look forward to hearing from you.