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Investing in Climate - This Generation’s Business Supernova founder Anshuman Bapna writes on the future of climate investments and how green tech could be this generation's fastest growing, and most unpredictable, investment opportunity. Looking at India as a case study, explore the hurdles and opportunities of climate conscious investment and how everyone can join this growing sector.

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October 23, 2020
Climate Finance and Navigating Climate Resilient Investments
Anu is Policy and Governance Lead for Acclimatise South Asia based in New Delhi. She formerly led a study on State Action Plans on Climate Change in India, and holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management from University of Oxford. Laura is CEO and Founder ITACA Solutions based in Panama City. ITACA is a technical assistance service provider committed to accelerating climate adaptation financing in the Caribbean, helping project developers and financial institutions building bankable adaptation and resilience projects. Laura holds a D.Phil. in Geography from King's College, London.

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October 23, 2020
Climate Strategy for Tech Companies and Startups with
Magelan helps startups and tech companies to address climate change with a two-side approach: 1) providing open-source ressources to speed-up companies shift towards low-carbon models and 2) supporting companies at each step of their low-carbon shift - carbon footprint tracking, cultural change programs, low-carbon design, communication - through a lean & science-based methodology. One of the founders, Thomas (who will be giving this talk), leads awareness-raising talks and designs carefully crafted content to inspire people to take action. As a learning specialist, he has organized several training programs for citizens, politicians, employees and executives leaders. Prior to Magelan, Thomas was co-founder and Head of Product of the social startup Vendredi and has helped many projects in the social and solidarity economy.

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October 23, 2020
Science-informed storytelling provides access to climate solutions
Prasenjeet Yadav is a molecular ecologist turned National Geographic Photographer & Explorer. Prasenjeet is one of the very few photographers who integrates science deeply into his photo stories. His previous projects helped bring light on sensitive issues such as climate change and its effects on high elevation in the Himalayas. Similarly a project on how windmills affect surrounding ecosystems raised questions about how green is our green energy. He is a founder member of 'Shoot for Science' which is an initiative to train scientists in science communication. In this podcast, Prasenjeet talks about his journey and passion for science and communication & snow leopards changing his life. He also asks to become more aware and become part of the solution in the fight against climate change. Notes – 01:09 – Prasenjeet’s journey to becoming a storyteller 03:37 – Nat Geo grant and story on the Shola Sky Islands 06:35 – Challenges faced during the Shola Sky Islands story 09:46 – The snow leopards - conservation challenges, human impact and more 25:19 – Starting up ‘Shoot for Science’ 29:18 – Harnessing the power of social media 31:35 – Indian media and climate change 35:53 – Informed climate activism 37:42 – Call of action - become aware and be part of the solution

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October 19, 2020
Concentrated solar thermal technology will be a game changer
Akshay Makar is an experienced thought leader, innovator, and climate entrepreneur within the field of sustainability. Akshay is Founder and CEO of CLIMATENZA. Climatenza’s vision is to accelerate deployment of renewable energy technologies in industries to attain 100% clean future by 2050. Under his leadership, CLIMATENZA has become a global energy company with offices in India and Chile. The recipient of numerous awards, Akshay was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list, as also one of the Top 25 Young Leaders by Young Sustainable Impact. Akshay is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow and a One Young World #Lead2030 Challenge Winner. In this podcast, Akshay talks about his journey and passion for renewables, his company Climatenza, setting up shop in Chile and what the future holds for concentrated solar technologies in the renewable energy space. Notes – 01:12 – Akshay’s interest and passion for renewable energy 03:09 – About Climatenza 05:26 – The CST market 07:03 – Net zero concept 10:36 – Starting up in Chile 14:40 – Impacts of Climatenza 21:49 – Help from government 24:41 – Media awareness about CST 26:58 – Advice to entrepreneurs 29:00 – Call to action

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October 12, 2020
Pricing and expected commitment
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12 weeks long. About 10 hours of time commitment every week
Each class has just 20-25 Fellows with extensive skills, background & passion
Instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email
100% online, with 7+ expert live talks. All available for later viewing
Climate Change: Learning for Action
Interactive program with an instructor walking you through the paces
12 Weeks
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Who would benefit most from this program?
Anyone who wants a grand overview of the entire climate landscape. Anyone who wants to shift their time & energy into doing climate work. High-school level familiarity with math and science a plus, but not essential.
What if I don't like the program?
If you're less than 3 weeks into the program, we'll refund you 100%. Our only request would be to give us feedback so we can improve the program.
Will the classes fit my schedule?
Yes. Most of the classes are asynchronous so you can decide when to go through them during the week. Our expectation is that everyone will be back in sync when a new week starts. The main live elements are the expert talks which will also be recorded for later viewing.
I can't afford the program cost. Can I get help?
We want all qualified learners to apply, regardless of financial status. Let us know about your financial need when you apply and we'll do our best.
Are you going to be running more cohorts?
We are currently accepting applications for November 2020 and February 2021 cohorts. November cohort launches on 16 November 2020. 

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