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COVID-19 and Climate Change
What are the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on climate? Join in an international conversation on how the COVID crisis is playing out in the U.S, India, and Mozambique, led by panelists Zeke Hausfather (Director of Climate and Energy, The Breakthrough Institute) Harish Hande (founder of SELCO-India and CEO of SELCO Foundation) & Dipti Bhatnagar (Climate Justice and Energy Program Coordinator, Friends of the Earth International).

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August 21, 2020
Nepal battles to keep climate change at bay
Dr Maheswar Dhakal is Joint-Secretary and the Head of Climate Change Management Division at the Ministry of Forests and Environment in the Government of Nepal. He is also the UNFCCC Focal point for Nepal. He holds a Masters in Environmental Sciences and PhD in Forest Resources Economics from the University of Tsukuba, Japan. His research focuses on forest policy, economic valuation of forest products, protected area and conservation policies, and human-wildlife conflicts in Nepal. In this podcast, Dr Dhakal talks about the role the Nepali government is playing in its fight against climate change, the challenges around food security in Nepal, his expectations from COP 26 and the role of the media in presenting a climate change narrative to the people of Nepal. Notes – 01:05 – Dr Dhakal’s career arc 02:27 – Role of Nepali government in dealing with climate change 09:42 – Kathmandu and pollution 12:07 – Food security in Nepal 14:11 – Nepali government’s policies about wildlife crime 16:44 – Sagarmatha Sambaad 19:06 – Expectations from COP26 21:15 – Media and climate change narratives 22:42 – Call to action

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August 20, 2020
Collective youth-led action is amplifying the climate justice movement
Mitzi Jonelle Tan is 22 years old and she has been an activist since 2017. She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in 2019. During her time in university, she was a student leader in several organizations and was also part of her college student council. Mitzi is the Convenor for Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP) which is an alliance of individuals and youth formations that advocates for immediate climate action led by the youth. In this podcast, Mitzi gives us tangible examples of what’s happening in the Philippines with climate change. She talks about the work that YACAP is doing and more. She ends with the hope that youth led collective action is needed to give voices to those people who have been marginalised and affected by climate change. Notes – 01:12 – Mitzi’s climate change journey 05:19 – Climate change and the Philippines 06:36 – Governmental reaction to climate change 12:16 – Ordinary Filipinos and climate change 15:51 – Using social media to create an impact 19:33 – Covid19 and climate change 24:06 – Expectations from COP 26 27:40 – Call to action to unite together to combat climate change

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August 10, 2020
The journey from hackathon to green team
Tim entered the world of technology startups in 2009 while in graduate school earning his MBA. He has worked as a full-time employee, freelance consultant, mentor, advisor, independent board member, and friend to entrepreneurs building early- to growth-stage companies. "Community" defines Tim's profession: he specializes in devising community-oriented strategies and assembling and training teams to foster inclusive, diverse communities that support its members and the organizations that bring them together. Today, Tim is exploring new professional avenues and following his heart to focus his energy on climate action. In this case study and discussion, Tim shared a recent experience leading employee efforts to initiate conversations and spark progress toward a better organizational response to climate change. Along with a story about the process and outcomes, he shared a few products of his work, including a model that may support efforts to understand organizational carbon footprint.

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August 6, 2020
Q&A - Energy with Mandar Patil and Cecilia Han Springer
For the Energy AMA, we invited Mandar Patil and Cecilia Han Springer. Mandar Patil is currently working as Senior Associate with Rocky Mountain Institute, India. He is working on the transport and mobility sector of India. He is involved in projects with a focus on clean, reliable and economically sustainable transport system for the Indian market. He is also working towards electrification of last mile delivery particularly in Delhi. Mandar has worked in the Research and Development department of commercial vehicles in Tata Motors for 31 months. During this tenure, he optimised vehicle ride parameters and KPIs for the auto major. Mandar has extensively worked on various modelling and optimising software such as ADAMS, MATLAB, ANSYS, Truck Sim, CREO, etc.Cecilia Han Springer is a Senior Researcher at Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center, where she analyzes China’s overseas investments in the energy and resource sectors. Previously, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, a senior associate at Climate Advisers, and a Fulbright fellow in China. Cecilia also consults on industrial energy efficiency and decarbonization. She has a PhD in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley.

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August 6, 2020
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Climate Change: Learning for Action
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Who would benefit most from this program?
Anyone who wants a grand overview of the entire climate landscape. Anyone who wants to shift their time & energy into doing climate work. High-school level familiarity with math and science a plus, but not essential.
What if I don't like the program?
If you're less than 3 weeks into the program, we'll refund you 100%. Our only request would be to give us feedback so we can improve the program.
Will the classes fit my schedule?
Yes. Most of the classes are asynchronous so you can decide when to go through them during the week. Our expectation is that everyone will be back in sync when a new week starts. The main live elements are the expert talks which will also be recorded for later viewing.
I can't afford the program cost. Can I get help?
We want all qualified learners to apply, regardless of financial status. Let us know about your financial need when you apply and we'll do our best.
Are you going to be running more cohorts?
We will open admissions soon for cohorts starting November 2020 and January 2021.
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