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Job Description

Experienced Energetic People Who Want to Make a Difference

**Klean Industries Careers**


  • **Company Info**
  • **Business**
  • **What We Do**
  • **Solutions**
  • **Advantage**
  • **Our Track Record**
  • **Proven Portfolio of Facilities**


  • **Chief Executive's Message**
  • **Board of Directors**
  • **Management Executives**
  • **Advisors**
  • **Consultants**
  • **Awards & Recognition**
  • **Corporate Profile**


  • **Klean ESG**
  • **Klean SDGs**
  • **Klean Circularity**
  • **Klean CO2e Neutrality**
  • **Klean Sustainability**
  • **Klean Stewardship**
  • **ISO**
  • **ISCC**
  • **RSB**
  • **Circular Economy**
  • **United Nations SDGs**

Sales & Partnerships

  • **Commercial Arrangement**
  • **Financing & Funding**
  • **Markets Growth**
  • **Alliance Network**
  • **Commodity Sales**
  • **Industries Served**
  • **Technology Users**
  • **Partners Associations**


  • **Focus**
  • **Focused Expertise**
  • **Focused Technologies**
  • **Focused Applications**


  • **Design Engineering**
  • **Turn Key DBC EPC**
  • **Customized Services**
  • **Consulting Services**
  • **Feasibility Studies**
  • **Due Diligence Services**
  • **Energy Waste Audits**
  • **Plant Efficiency Upgrades**
  • **Supply Chain Management**
  • **Carbon Management**
  • **CSR Education Plan**
  • **Equipment Industrial Manufacturing**
  • **Packaged Solutions**
  • **Component Supply Parts Service**
  • **Modularization**
  • **Telemetry Management**
  • **Operator Training**
  • **Technology Commitment**

Industry Certifications

  • **Environmental Impact**
  • **Plant Equipment Costs**
  • **Projects**

Global Projects

  • **Tire Recycling USA**
  • **KIB Greece**
  • **PHS Poland**
  • **CRR Germany**
  • **TPL Korea**
  • **KPCC Canada**
  • **MES Japan**
  • **NSC Austria**
  • **GVG Carbon Oil Upgrading UK**
  • **KIU China**
  • **BCCE India**
  • **GCCP Japan**
  • **MMC Plastic Recycling Japan**
  • **SPR USA**
  • **DOW Thailand**
  • **VAE Canada**
  • **KFI Germany**
  • **GFA Solid Waste Recycling Italy**
  • **AS USA**
  • **BVBP USA**
  • **HRBC Japan**
  • **ACC Germany**
  • **MVR USA**
  • **LCSWMA Canada**
  • **GVRD**
  • **KleanLoop SaaS DApp**

Project Innovations Systems

  • **Primary Kilns Systems**
  • **Scrap Tires**
  • **Continuous Batch Kiln**
  • **Continuous Vertical Kiln**
  • **Continuous Horizontal Kiln**
  • **rCB Carbon Upgrading**
  • **Remanufacturing**
  • **Shredding Waste Plastics**
  • **Medical Wastes**
  • **Automotive Shredder Residue**
  • **Refuse Derived Fuel**
  • **Biomass Wastes**

Technology & Solutions

  • **Coal to Liquids**
  • **Cement Kin Upgrade**
  • **Mobile Plant Solutions**
  • **Waste To Energy**
  • **Klean Power**
  • **CFB Gasification**
  • **RDF Gasification**
  • **CFB Combustion**
  • **Grate Combustion**
  • **Anaerobic Digestion**
  • **Biodiesel Production**
  • **Hydrogen Fuel Cells**
  • **Combined Heat Power**
  • **Organic Rankine Cycle**

Refining Technologies

  • **Hydrogen Production**
  • **Fischer Tropsch**
  • **E Fuels**
  • **Carbon Capture**
  • **Emulsion Fuels**
  • **Biogas**
  • **Gas Cleanup**
  • **Waste Oil Processing**

Nano Carbon

  • **Carbon Refining**
  • **Carbon Activation**
  • **Ash Melting**
  • **Carbonization Systems**
  • **Super Speed Gas Cooling**
  • **Gas Burning**

Municipal Waste

  • **Biochar Production**
  • **Standardized Units**
  • **Batch**
  • **Batch Cooler**

Fully Automatic Dryer Systems

  • **Biomass Organics**
  • **Marine Wastes**
  • **Sludges Leachate**
  • **Industrial Liquids**
  • **Industrial Wastes**
  • **Livestock Feed**

Fish Meal

  • **Fertilizer Composting Systems**
  • **Sludge Manure**
  • **Super Heat System**
  • **Agricultural Waste**
  • **Vacuum System**

Deodorant Afterburner

  • **Standardized Units**
  • **Batch Manual**
  • **Batch Automatic**
  • **Fully Automatic**
  • **Lift Automatic**
  • **Hybrid CHP Systems**

Material Handling Sorting

  • **Gas Generation Hydrogen**
  • **Nitrogen Oxygen**
  • **Flue Gas Treatment**
  • **Wet Type**
  • **Dry Type**
  • **Semi Type**

Waste Water Treatment

  • **Instrumentation Controls**
  • **Energy Calorific Values**
  • **Performance Data**
  • **End Products Resources**

Business Planning

  • **Brochures**
  • **Videos**
  • **Books Films**
  • **Market News**


  • **Company News**
  • **Investor Request**


  • **Contact Us**
  • **Project Evaluation**
  • **Locations Directions**
  • **Company Directory**


  • **FAQ**


Klean is growing rapidly and we need your help. We have several opportunities in the USA, UK, and other global regions. We're looking for experienced energetic people who want to make a difference. We know you're passionate about the work you do, so why not choose to work with colleagues who share your passion and dedication? Working with the best where outperformance is routine.

We know our employees are our greatest asset. Whether it's being at the forefront of technology advancements and innovations that make a difference in the lives of people every day, working with numerous customers to improve their bottom line, developing industry standard systems and technologies, serving on the board of an industry organization, or being an active member of a local service group, our employees aim a little higher.

We believe that every employee has talents waiting to be discovered and tapped. That's why Klean Industries mentors, trains, supports, and empowers employees as they strive to outperform the field no matter what career path they're on. We are looking for bright and energetic people to join the KLEAN TEAM (TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More) in our offices around the globe. This is an opportunity for talented individuals to work for a rapidly growing organization installing, designing, and producing state-of-the-art environmentally friendly systems using patented technologies. As the resource recovery specialists, Klean Industries continues to design and build facilities that incorporate new and evolving technologies. Klean Industries is constantly searching for highly skilled, talented, and elite candidates to become associates of our team. Klean's success has allowed for steady growth and stability of our staff. Klean Industries would like to speak with you if you are:

  • A results-oriented achiever
  • Seeking professional and personal growth
  • A self-starter who likes responsibility and challenge
  • Looking for an opportunity to join an elite team of professionals

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for any of the listed positions, please send an email quoting the job position with a covering letter and resume to No phone calls please. Candidates should preferably have a BS Engineering Degree. Experience requirements will depend upon the position. Only those considered for the position will be contacted.

Klean Industries

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Klean Industries

Klean Industries

North Vancouver, Canada, + 4 more location(s)

51 - 200

Sector: Manufacturing and materials

About this company

Founders:Jesse Klinkhamer, Scott Carley

Founded date:2005



Klean Industries is specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of advanced thermal treatment facilities using technologies such as carbonization, liquefaction, pyrolysis, and gasification to produce clean energy products. more

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